Your Daily Muslim: Mohammad Masroor

He looks like some sort of alien from Star Trek... he has Vulcan ears and very odd facial hair.

He looks like some sort of alien from Star Trek… he has Vulcan ears and very odd facial hair.

Mohammad Masroor, like the prophet he was named after, likes ’em young. An imam at Toronto’s Baitul Mukarram Islamic Center, is accused of having molested thirteen young worshippers, at least five of whom have also come forward to accuse him of threatening them with death if they contacted authorities. Before joining the Islamic Center, Masroor traveled the world to “sample its delicacies.” Hopefully he also contracted a sampling of its STDs but didn’t transmit them.

“I know him. Behind him I pray,” said one of Masroor’s congregation. So just because you stick it in him while he’s bending over somehow gives you knowledge of his moral character? …yeah, right. Another said of Masroor: “He’s a very well respected person in the community.” Muslims always express shock and disbelief whenever one of their own is caught engaging in misbehavior. Given the widespread nature of bad behavior and cover-ups for it in the Islamic community, I doubt this is all that much of a surprise to a lot of the people at Masroor’s Islamic Center.

“For a Muslim, this is very shameful,” another worshipper said. “We really condemn it.” If you condemn it so much, why do you respect the prophet Muhammad (pigs be upon him), who married a six-year-old and had sex with her when she was nine? Why don’t you criticize sharia-approved child marriages? You’re only expressing outrage because the media is making you look bad for it. It’s just like similar abuse in the Catholic church; all sorts of people knew what was going on and only expressed outrage when the scandal was brought to light.

Masroor is currently in custody, awaiting trial. Police are asking other victims of his to come forward.

7 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Mohammad Masroor

  1. i am ex muslim and understad , these folks r simply folllowing their prophet.

  2. this is an old story…any updates?

    • Nothing recent, per google. Some of the stories are from a while ago, years in fact – normally if I post an older story, it’s a lesser-known one like this dude.

  3. Bro Farooq, fear your Creator.. Your life was much better when you were a muslim (although you wouldn’t wanna admit it)

    • How would anyone’s life be better if they’re living by a bunch of bullshit arbitrary rules?! I’ll eat what I want and fuck who I want. I had bacon for dinner.

  4. hahahaha yall talking abut how the prophet liked them young yet this is the only case where a muslim leader was charged for sexual assault. every religion has its own bad apples. LORD knows how many PRIESTS, BISHOPS, POPES, and other CHRISTIAN LEADERS done touch kids. Its become so common now that it barely makes the news… Some incidents occurred over years and years. SICKENING HOW KIDS CANT BE LEFT ALONE WITH CHRISTIAN LEADERS!!!!

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