Your Daily Muslim: Nazreen Nawaz

Nazreen Nawaz speaking at a Hizb-ut-Tahrir Britain rally

Nazreen Nawaz speaking at a Hizb-ut-Tahrir Britain rally

UK Muslim Dr. Nazreen Nawaz is the person behind the Women in the West for Khilafah movement and is a member of Hizb-ut-Tahrir, an Islamic movement with similar goals. The Khilafah, or caliphate, is the global Islamic state. In other words, Nawaz openly supports Islam’s conquest of the world. She’s also horribly sexist against her fellow women, likely out of a deep sense of self-hatred or jealousy that other women outclass her in every way.

In a debate discussing the subjugation of women in Islam and women in the UK converting to Islam, Nawaz said: “Poll after poll of Muslim women show increasing numbers of Muslim women wishing to live under the Islamic sharia laws.” On her Twitter, most of her posts are in Arabic, but all seem to be about the establishment of the Islamic state, including the forceful elimination (read: murder) of the enemies of Allah. She also enjoys bashing on capitalism.

“Indeed, it is placing the woman or the man in the position of law-maker within a state, rather than the Creator of the world, Allah, that results in the confused, defective organization of society, mass poverty, and the oppression of women that we witness today… we should focus our full attention to uprooting the flawed systems in our lands and establishing in their place the Khilafah that embodies sound solutions to mankind’s problems based upon the Laws of Allah.” So basically she’s saying “f the system, I want sharia.” Here’s the thing, Nazreen: under sharia, a woman must provide four devout Muslim male witnesses to prove she was raped. If she cannot, SHE will be tried for adultery. Also, women caught kissing their boyfriends before marriage (assuming there would even be any non-arranged marriages) would be caned, flogged, lashed, or what have you.

After an Islamic organization was banned from a British university’s campus for trying to segregate male and female students in an Islam-related lecture, Nawaz jumped to the organization’s defense. She stated “[the university has] the nerve to lecture Muslims about men-women interaction – when we see liberal values the cause of the total confusion of women and men’s roles, where the market forces have dictated the insatiable appetite for the objectification of women.” Women’s and men’s roles? Huh? What is this, the 19th century, or earlier? Lady, get with the frakking times, you don’t have to stay in the kitchen and be a homemaker anymore. We have this concept called gender equality in the west, it’s pretty awesome.

Nawaz continued, “Muslims don’t need to apologize for our deen (spirituality/faith) and certainly never must pander to the liberals!! Who would have us to sink in to their social quagmire!!” Liberals pander to Muslims all the time, what’s wrong with a little bit of pandering intercourse, huh, Nazi-reen? Or is it always a one-way street with Islamists? With folks like UK hate preacher Anjem Choudary leeching off of public benefits while contributing nothing to society aside from Muslim Patrol, rioting, and grooming gangs, the one-way street scenario with Islamists in the west seems to be a reality.

Nawaz’s view on recreational drug use is also disturbing. On that subject, she basically said that humans should surrender their entire free will to Allah: “This kind of craziness blows our minds, when people decide for themselves how to conduct their affairs then I guess it’s inevitable.”

4 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Nazreen Nawaz

  1. Muslims women reject liberal values her sign says, yet she chooses to live in a western society with liberal values, as do most muslims, maybe the welfare checks their recieve are just enough to keep them happy to remain?

  2. “Poll after poll of Muslim women show increasing numbers of Muslim women wishing to live under the Islamic sharia laws.” OMG I get pissed off whenever they say such stupidity! Why don’t UK kicks them back to their countries if they want to live under their shitty sharia law???

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