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Your Daily Muslim: Hussam Abu al-Bukhari

The dildo was cropped out of the picture.

The dildo was cropped out of the picture.

So many of the Muslims on this site are unhappy with the world because they’re hideous, and Egyptian Islamist politician Hussam Abu al-Bukhari is no exception. al-Bukhari recently gave an interview in which he claimed Islamist Egypt was in a cultural and religious conflict with America. And yet Barack Hussein Obama thinks sending them $250 million in fighter jets is a good idea…

al-Bukhari recited inflammatory leftist anti-US rhetoric, not knowing what it meant: “America was founded on the genocide of the indigenous peoples of North America, South America, and Australia.” Uhh, what? America isn’t a country, it’s a continent. Assuming al-Bukhari is referencing the United States, he’s still wrong. The conquest and colonization of South America happened centuries before North America and had nothing to do with the foundation of the US, and Australia was literally a dumping ground for prisoners. It had no impact on the early US.

Citing a propaganda book, al-Bukhari claims American colonists killed “hundreds of millions” of Native Americans. That’s simply not true as there weren’t that many Native Americans alive at that time. Also, diseases brought over by the colonists killed far more of the native population than weapons did. He claims an entire chapter of his book of propaganda was devoted to how colonists ate the flesh of natives – “cooked, barbecued, made into kebabs, you name it.” al-Bukhari clearly doesn’t realize that the people who came from Europe were more civilized than the types who engage in cannibalism (despite the fact that they owned slaves.) He’s just another sad case of an Islamist buying into every rumor and lie he hears about “kuffar” countries.

One comment on “Your Daily Muslim: Hussam Abu al-Bukhari

  1. It would be great to have a link to these idiots email addresses or websites. No wonder the Muslim world is so backwards. There is absolutely no critical thinking going on.

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