Your Daily Muslim: Sahar Thabit

She's just jealous her daughter's got a better love life than she ever did

She’s just jealous her daughter has a better love life than she ever did

There is no bond like that between a mother and her child. Mothers will do anything for their children, like take them on vacations, put up with incessant whining, and even force them to marry their own cousins – the latter of those is what Florida Muslim Sahar Thabit tried to get her 17-year-old daughter to do. Thabit’s daughter, however, had grown up in the US and didn’t want any part of her mother’s backward Islamic customs. That’s when things, notably a kitchen knife, got really heated.

Thabit’s daughter had been talking to a guy online from Yemen, her family’s country of origin, and the two had formed a bond. Thabitch was infuriated by this. I can understand wanting to protect your child from online predators, but that was not any part of the madwoman’s reasoning. Thabit’s sole motivation for what she was about to do was to preserve her twisted sense of family honor. She took a kitchen knife, set it on top of a heated stove, and shoved it onto her daughter’s arms. With each time she caught her daughter disobeying her and talking to her online friend, the knife was heated up again.

An investigator noted the burns seemed consistent with child abuse. Thabit’s father claimed no wrongdoing had occurred, that his granddaughter had accidentally touched the heated stove. Yes, the teen had accidentally touched the stove. Three times on each arm. And each time left the same burn pattern. …what a stupid old piece of dirt, if he actually expects anyone to buy that. He should be arrested and charged as an accessory.

Thabit is currently in custody.

83 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Sahar Thabit

  1. stupid?……..evil comes to mind.

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      • Sarah, be peaceful… oh wait, you’re not, because Islam isn’t.

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    • Islam is not a religion! It is a political organization aiming to conquer the world through suppression and subduing of entire humanity. Actually Islam is a cancer on the body of human civilization.

      • Could not have said it better myself. Murderous, liars, sicko rapists, child molesters, tyrants, etc., etc., etc. that is what Islam means to me. Please ask GOD for forgiveness and save your soul Noor. Get rid of your cancer, Islam.

      • bitch shut the fuck up you dont even know what the hell it is to even talk about it
        are u muslim???? exactly!!!!!!!!

      • Sarah, we know what it teaches. We see its followers acting out the commands of their prophet, pigs be upon him, around the world. We know that Islam is an atrocity against human rights. We don’t have to be Muslim to know that Islam is a bunch of misogynistic horseshit from the 7th century.

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      Its not only christians or jews abusing islam but also the Hindus in India doing the same. so nothing new with this. Just they need to experience one death and will se the truth.

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    • I hate how ignorant people judge a whole damn religion just by what one person does!!!!!

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  3. Was calling her at one point ‘Thabitch’ a witty intentional pun, or a typo?

  4. Noor what’s the matter u weren’t able to marry an immediate family member or maybe you are a pedophile just like that sick bastard homohammed. I don’t want you to think that I am not sensitive to the Koran…I am it gives me a bit of a rash when I wipe my asshole with it. : ) btw I dispatched quite a few or your pedophile buddies in Iraq and Afghanistan and all I can say is not only did I view it as a community service, but felt it an honor to send your muslim shithead brothers to meet up with homohammed and his 52 little boys LOL faggot!

    • LOVE THIS reply. Noor is a stupid ass and I also use the Q’ran as toilet paper. It’s really not even good enough for that.

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      • Racist? What the fuck are you talking about? Islam is a religion, not a race.

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      • Muslim is not a race. There are Muslims of all races – white, black, Asian, Australian aboriginal… the list goes on. I hate Islam because it is barbaric and cruel. Please explain to me how hanging gay people is not cruel. Come on, I’m waiting.

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      • Well Said Sarah…. πŸ™‚

      • Get the hell out of here, your not wanted here. We must be the only friends you have for you to keep coming back to entertain us. HA!

      • thank u Ahmed πŸ™‚

      • Oh my you are so funny! I am laughing so hard right now. My my ex christian you never read your Holy Bible did you? Or went to Sunday school? You are totally ignorant.

      • WTF…who said about being funny…OMG i think im speaking to the “SHAYTAN” im sorry i have repented so i am NOT allowed to talk to PEDOPHILES…and this time im SERIOUS…i am a full time mother…something u dont have for being ignorant and rapist…U DISGUST ME ASSHOLE…go back to where u came from…its HELL that is….and seriously WALLAH u r the most slowest MOTHAFUCKA in the world…and this time i will not say goodbye…when judgement day comes thats when its a goodbye..u WORTHLESS SON OF A B!TCH!!!!! omg wtf im talking to a bum ****ROLLING MY EYES AND SIGHING FOR WASTING MY TIME FOR A SICK BUM**** UGH!!! and it goes for u YDM…btw i should be paid for wasting my time on some sick bastards….wAllah i dont have time…its a buh bye to sarah…thanks to ALLAH for making me WOMAN up before u both MAN up!!!

      • “Ignorant and rapist”? We aren’t Muslims. We don’t rape. We aren’t pedophiles either since we don’t emulate a pedophile prophet like Muhammad, pigs be upon him. Could you please make a logical argument as to why you became a rabid Quranimal? Or does logic escape you?

  5. […] Sahar Thabit, repeatedly burned her daughter for refusing an arranged marriage to her cousin and talking to another guy online […]

  6. […] Wait, a Muslim criticizing incest? That is just too rich. We see incestuous arranged marriages all the time in Islamic communities. In fact, studies have shown that there are dangerously high levels […]

  7. Oh by the way whore, I know about everything your cult is about. Very educated on this pig cult.

    • SPOOKY…”whore” wAllah its not right to talk about ur mom like that…come on seriously in public wtf..now is this “beer or meth” thats talking i get mixed up with every crack in ur system…please see a therapist then come back and talk…get a LIFE!!!!

  8. If you think Islam and allah the molester are so great, why are you here? Why aren’t you living over in the middle east where they practice this bullshit? Oh that’s right, you probably wouldn’t like the laws there would you? After all Allah the molester laws aren’t very nice are they….the so called peaceful one. If you don’t like the comments on this website, why are you still on here? Get the hell out.

    • r u ok? ALLAH is GOD…well im actually traveling many countries next year and yep their the countries u hate hahaha…and i have my rights i can visit wherever i want trust me i will enjoy my trips so stop asking DUMB questions…am i at the immigration? wtf u know better acting like a FOOL..well i got messages to my email saying”pedophile has commented to sarah” so i go on here and dont know y ur name showed up…lmao and i know for sure it wasnt a mistake or a virus…oh wait i think it was a virus from ur disease…UGHHHHH

      • You are such a waste of life. Breathing air that us Christians could have. This will be my last reply to you. I have already wasted enough of my precious time with a piece of shit like you. Go to your prophet, you know the child molester, rapist, suppressor, murderer, gaybob, I have read your book, I know exactly what it teaches, you can lie all you want about it. I know what it teaches, it teaches all of what I just called this perverted bastard. By the way, Allahdumbass is not God. God is God and Allahdumbass is absolutely nothing. You WILL go to hell for that claim too. I must go talk to my Almighty God, Lord Jesus, the God of Love. See ya Bye Bye

  9. HaHaHa…i have the most wonderful life you could ever imagine. Whore!!! I don’ t need a therapist, I have my Almighty counselor, his name is Jesus.


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