Your Daily Muslim: Taji Mustafa (Part 1)

Taji Mustafa sitting on a phallic object

Taji Mustafa sitting on a phallic object

YouTube Islamic evangelist Taji Mustafa is a few bricks short of a house, if you know what I mean. However, in his idiocy, he manages to highlight several things: 1) Islam and the secular, free west are not compatible, 2) Islam is intolerant, and 3) he likes to talk about gay people, and we all know what that means. He claims that Islam has a “clear and unchanging sense of right and wrong.” So he’s basically saying he’s fine with child marriages, beheading infidels, and hanging gays. Isn’t that “unchanging” part of Islamic morality so appetizing? He’s very clear about where Islam stands on these issues, claiming he believes the Qur’an was written by Allah and is the complete guide to a holy existence. Liberals, seriously, stop defending people like this and the crap they peddle, they aren’t going to modernize or integrate.

Mustafa claims that the secular position on same-sex marriage has changed and will continually change because secularism lacks the same rigidity as Islam. Well, for one, that’s a damn good thing. Also, the opposition to same-sex marriage seen in the 20th century west was largely based on religious doctrine, mainly Christian, while the truly secular (atheist/agnostic) perspective never raised any moral objection. “What’s next? Assisted suicide? Incest? Drugs?” Wait, a Muslim criticizing incest? That is just too rich. We see incestuous arranged marriages all the time in Islamic communities. In fact, studies have shown that there are dangerously high levels of inbreeding in the Pakistani community living in the UK.

“In the west, they engage on a dodgy balancing act, trying to balance individual freedoms, the pursuit of pleasure, and equality – and hardly considering the effects of their decisions on the wider society.” Well, at least we consider individual freedoms, the pursuit of pleasure, and equality, you seventh-century primitive. Mustafa then calls upon Muslims to challenge those who demand they stop living in the past. Yep, Muslims are totally willing to integrate and be a constructive part of Western society…

Mustafa explained how the prophet Muhammad, pigs be upon him, supported strong families by encouraging people to get married (including little girls – Muhammad married a 6-year-old) and maintaining ties with relatives (apparently marrying your cousin is one way to do this.)

“Islam’s clear prohibition of fornication, adultery, homosexuality – acts as a clear deterrent against people publicly violating the laws of Allah. Some say this is too harsh, that it is unfair. Is it unfair that Islam tries to protect a child from the devastating consequences of a broken home? Is it unfair that Islam tries to protect a wife from the distress of an adulterous husband?” Yeah, I think hanging dudes for boning other dudes is kinda harsh, don’t you? It’s also harsh that people aren’t allowed to bang or blow who they want – in Islam, the only blowing allowed is the kind where you send your body parts flying in 100 different directions.

“We do not abandon the laws of Allah for the sake of some so-called equality, so are we intolerant of same-sex marriage? …the real shame is that more people are not intolerant.” No, the real shame is that Mustafa hasn’t been greeted with a bombardment of #pigsbeuponhim or #gayporn4muhammad pictures on his evangelism group’s Facebook page.

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