Your Daily Muslim: Quasim Inayat


Fatass Quasim(odo) Inayat is the definition of desperate. Unable to get himself a girlfriend for a plethora of reasons, Inayat decided to do what all sorts of Muslims are doing across the UK: molest a teenage girl and a couple mentally-disabled women. After all, Muslims are entitled to the women of conquered nations as spoils of war… (Qur. 4:24)

Inayat began his rape rampage by targeting a 15-year-old girl. A longtime alcoholic himself (despite what his religion teaches about the substance), Inayat figured he could spare a little alcohol to perhaps satisfy his perverse sexual thirst. He stalked the victim in his car, then approached her and offered her alcohol. Being 14 and feeling pressured, she drank…

A similar drama unfolded when Inayat approached two mentally-handicapped women, one of whom was on a bevy of meds and the other of whom was intellectually disabled (retarded.) Being fat and not very strong, Inayat realized a victim with her full faculties could prove a serious physical threat, so he targeted those he felt were most helpless.

During his trial, the prosecution explained Inayat’s extreme disdain for women, likely due to repeated rejection: “Inayat is a predatory sex offender who deliberately targeted young and vulnerable women for his own personal gratification. He displayed little or no regard for them as individuals, treating each with complete disdain.” Inayat has been sentenced to almost 8 years behind bars.

8 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Quasim Inayat

  1. This was great. Love the writing. Screw that guy.

  2. “Check back every day for a new crazy Muslim!” Easy job you have there bloke. Why dont you try a real hard job and find a sane muslim?

  3. That’s a great picture of him. They really captured the “OH FUCK I’M GONNA GET BEASTED IN JAIL!!” EXPRESSION ON HIS FACE.

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