Your Daily Muslim: Sadeq al-Ghariani

Looks like an AIDS patient wearing hipster glasses...

Looks like an AIDS patient wearing hipster glasses…

Sheikh Sadeq al-Ghariani is the grand Mufti and head of the Fatwa Office in the government of Libya. Basically, he sits around reading a book of child porn called the Qur’an and then uses it to tell people what to do. Here are some of his rulings, which range from the hypocritical to the bizarre and racist.

al-Ghariani claimed former Libyan president Moammar Gaddafi was an “infidel.” Why? Because Gaddafi tries to eliminate the legal holes through which sharia law and its propagators could slip into the system. al-Ghariani also banned schoolbooks that referenced democracy or religious freedom, since apparently Gaddafi’s somewhat-western stance isn’t acceptable under Islam. al-Ghariani then shared this priceless gem on the removal of texts: “[the text] suggests students could choose any religion they wanted.” Uhh, what’s wrong with that? Oh wait, we’re dealing with Islam here, which has a “proud history of tolerance” according to Barack Hussein Obama. Yeah, look at that religious tolerance!

“We are not saying Islam should be the only source of legislation… What we are saying is that any law that contradicts Islam is invalid.” So, basically, any law that isn’t part of the mangled trainwreck known as sharia isn’t acceptable. So, what he’s saying is that Islam should be the only source of legislation. Just like Islam’s stance on threesomes, Islamic law does not play well with others.

Recently, al-Ghariani issued an edict that all Libyan women should not marry men from other countries, even if the men are Arabs. He submitted a proposal for the government to codify this ruling, which was most likely fueled by anti-Shiite paranoia. He claims Shiites are “taking advantage of the loose security grip in Libya and the chaotic situation in the public administration,” to fuel their religious agenda in Sunni-majority Libya.

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  1. Fack Islam!! the CULT OF PEDOS , RAPIST , and HATER MADAFAKAS

  2. such calm, wow, very grammar

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