Your Daily Muslim: Souad Merah

...how do you eat with that ninja outfit on?

…how do you eat with that ninja outfit on?

Normally when a person does something horrible or shameful, the reaction of their immediate family is to distance themselves from the embarrassment and deny any involvement. However, that isn’t the case with the Algerian-born Merah family. Mohamed Merah killed four Jews at a Jewish school and three soldiers in a shooting rampage in southern France before police gunned him down. Police and local media demanded answers from his family. The answers they got from his sister Souad were downright shocking.

Merah, when interviewed, declared she was “proud, proud, proud” of her brother’s jihad. Wearing the traditional Islamic ninja costume, likely to hide either a suicide vest and/or considerable weight gain since she was last seen in public, she explained that she hated Jews. The Merahs were likely raised in an environment of anti-Semitism, since Islam has numerous anti-Semitic teachings in its holy texts. This is the peace Islam will bring: a peace riddled with bullets, smiling maniacally as children try to run for their lives.

“The Jews are all about massacring the Muslims. I detest them. I think well of bin Laden.” What a filthy hypocrite! Seriously, this cupid stunt thinks that Jews like to kill Muslims? I seriously cannot believe this woman: she claims to hate Jews because Jews allegedly hurt Muslims, but is proud of her little brother for MASSACRING innocent Jews? Not even liberals have that extreme of double standards.

“Mohamed will remain my brother, my flesh, my blood.” …that’s not something to be proud of, psycho.

3 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Souad Merah

  1. “Mohammed will remain my brother”. Never a truer word spoken. He will remain your brother, dirtbag, but also your husband and your uncle.
    Allahu snackbar – keep it in the family, eh, morons?

  2. I’ve always wanted to ask one of them what rpoof they have that Jews are doing this or that to muslims.

  3. […] violence became a sacred duty. Considering how Merah’s children, Mohamed and his sister Souad, turned out, it’s quite likely their father had something to do with their crazed […]

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