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Your Daily Muslim: Ali Salem al-Deqbasi

Ali Salem al-Deqbasi holding a scale model of his penis

Ali Salem al-Deqbasi holding a scale model of his penis

Ali Salem al-Dickbasi is, as his name suggests, a total dick. A member of Kuwait’s parliament, he recently voted and spoke in favor of a law that would instate the death penalty for criticism of Allah. Such a law is part of Islamic sharia. The law was unfortunately ratified.

al-Dickbasi has been involved in all sorts of Kuwaiti legal decisions, including the removal of the nation’s Minister of Education because she wasn’t deemed to be sufficiently Islamist in her worldview. Wow, what a tolerant religion, permitting just one stance (and a miserably austere one at that.)

On the recent law that criminalized any Muslim insulting Allah (an insult a day keeps the doctor away), al-Dickbasi commented: “Islam is a religion of tolerance, peace and acceptance, but that doesn’t mean it should be stepped on.” Wait, tolerance? Peace? Acceptance? I see none of those things involved in the practice of killing apostastes. Perhaps only a backward seventh-century barbarian like al-Dickbasi can explain how killing people is a form of acceptance. Non-Muslims who insult Allah in Kuwait will face up to a ten-year prison sentence.

Is it just me, or has the Middle East discovered time travel? They seem to be going back in time… quickly.

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