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Your Daily Muslim: Abdullah Daoud (Part 2) (DAILY DOUBLE)

Now that is one ugly dude.

Now that is one ugly dude.

Saudi cleric Abdullah Daoud, as we learned in part one, is a kinky mofo. He issued a fatwa saying that female babies should wear the burqa (full face veil) so they don’t invite rape. Now, he’s issued another fatwa about another one of his fetishes: young boys. (Yes, he’s Muslim, not Catholic)

“It is forbidden to be around handsome youth, those beardless boys who have a touch of temptation in them.” Well, glad to clear up whether or not Daoud is into young boys. Like, seriously, does he not notice the obvious connotations of his fatwa? Also, he totally dissed his own appearance – he claims beardlessness is handsome, thus implying he isn’t (which is true.) Daoud’s facial hair is more unkempt than that of the average homeless person. Daoud issues these fatwas because he is trying to save himself from giving in to his lower urges, at the cost of making himself seem like the primitive pedophile he is.

The entire world mocked Daoud’s “burqas for babies” fatwa – let’s see if people have an equally harsh reaction to his lust for little boys.

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