Your Daily Muslim: Adam Fadli and Hassan el-Khatib

Adam Fadli and Hassan el-Khatib

Adam Fadli (left) and Hassan el-Khatib. This post contains strong adult language. Reader discretion is advised.

Adam Fadli and Hassan el-Khatib came upon the Allah Sucks page one day and decided to see who could out-thug the other. They began with the typical Islamic rabid foaming, both on the page’s wall and in its inbox. After a few responses by the Allah Sucks admin team, the typical Islamic threats of harm to family members, specifically rape and murder, began to flow freely from Fadli. Here are a few screenshots of the pair behaving like the primitives they are.

Here’s some insanely extreme homophobia from Fadli, which likely comes from a deep-seated fear of being outed. The anti-Semitism probably comes from having been rejected by Jewish guys.

Fadli kept on with the homophobia and threats, and started throwing racist invective into the mix:

Fadli and el-Khatib know each other in real life. I’m not sure who’s the top and who’s the bottom. Here’s el-Khatib trying to seem tough behind a keyboard:

Now I’m not sure how admitting one’s pedophile desires makes one seem tougher or more gangster in any way, but apparently el-Khatib wants to rock that pedo swag just like the prophet Muhammad (pigs be upon him.)

After a ton of posturing, threat-flinging, and figurative chest-beating, Fadli and el-Khatib both ended up running away with their tails between their legs like the cowards they are. Why? None other than the threat of yourdailymuslim.com internet infamy. That shut el-Khatib up really quickly. Unlike Muslims, however, I actually make good in the rare instances I threaten someone.

Fadli’s mother saw what he was doing on Facebook when his messages were publicly posted on the Allah Sucks wall – she got mad and disciplined the 20-something who clearly still lives with her. Now Fadli and el-Khatib’s crazy homophobia, racism, anti-Semitism, and pedophilia are on display for all to see whenever anyone googles them.

9 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Adam Fadli and Hassan el-Khatib

  1. filthy brain dead zombie pedo muzzrat cockheads

  2. LOL muslims love raping kiddy fiddling and molesting your goat and mother probably at the same time.

  3. Excellent work, as usual DM (although all of this is readily apparent just looking at these thugs).

  4. Whilst I agree with the aims of AS and I know it is sometimes difficult not to reply in kind I would counsel restraint from abusive language in reply to the obviously intellectually and socialy challenged individuals portrayed on Daily Muslim. You will only upset the lefties and we do not want to do that now do we?


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