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Your Daily Muslim: Assim Alhakeem (Part 2)

He's got an "all welcome, free admission" sign behind him with a phallic object on it, and he's clearly trying to show the length of the dick he took last night...

He’s got an “all welcome, free admission” sign behind him with a phallic object on it, and he’s clearly trying to show the length of the dick he took last night…

“[Homosexuality] takes all the bashfulness and good character of people and turns them into animals that seek only their sexual satisfaction through weird ways.”

Sheikh Assim Alhakeem, as we learned in part 1, has a paranoid phobia of women and an irrational hatred of gays. He spends an inordinate amount of time fondling his hideous beard, and has been banned from speaking at various venues for his uncivilized beliefs.

Alhakeem refers to homosexuality as an “illness” that is “unnatural.” He claims that even a faithful Muslim who has homosexual desires will be sent to hell, though after a period of burning, might be redeemed. Wow, what a tolerant religion – some people are, by birth, sentenced to hell. Alhakeem also believes that homosexuality is a choice… clearly he’s never talked to a single gay person in his life. Not a single gay or lesbian person will say they just casually chose one day to bite pillows or lick rugs. (Note: Muslims also lick rugs, but in a different context)

“We know that [homosexuality] is hated by Allah and those who are like this are cursed.” The prophet Muhammad (pigs be upon him) cursed homosexuals, and even sentenced them to death. (Hadith Abu Dawud 4462) According to Islam, gays’ innate ability to know how to dress is a curse. I mean, I guess I can understand why a Muslim would think that; Islamic “fashion” is in dire need of a makeover. Alhakeem goes on to claim that those who associate with homosexuals, even those who don’t sleep with them, will be punished by Allah. I just think he’s jealous because he doesn’t have any friends.

“It is not permissible to work in a mixed[-gender] environment… it is not permissible to attend a mixed university.” Wow, Islam is really good at cockblocking its followers by denying them all sorts of opportunities to meet people of the opposite sex. However, that seventh-century rule doesn’t stop gay people from meeting each other. Islam should segregate by orientation instead of gender – that way all the gay Muslims could have giant orgies and bend over for each other instead of Allah. Bow chicka wow wow.

As this post has shown so far, Islam has some crazy and messed up rules. Here’s something else that is blow-your-mind crazy: Jinns. A Jinn is a spirit that feeds on bones and poop. Known to possess humans, Jinns can be exorcised through Islamic ritual exorcism and exit the body by means of vomiting or defecation. Alhakeem had this to say about Jinns: “[A Muslim] must say the dua’a (prayer) before entering in the toilet: ‘O Allah. I seek refuge in You from the male female evil and Jinns.'” Basically, Muslims are supposed to pray so that evil invisible demons don’t eat their poop. I’m not making this crap (no pun intended) up.

Based on the rate at which he spews misogynistic, homophobic crap for the Jinns to feast upon, I’m sure there I’ll be writing a part 3 on this idiot fairly soon.

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