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Your Daily Muslim: Ahmad Abu Quddum

Ahmad Abu Quddum

Ahmad Abu Quddum

Waging jihad is a serious matter, and Jordanian Ahmad Abu Quddum knows the ins and outs of it. In an interview on Jordanian television, he claimed it is the duty of all Muslims to wage jihad on nations that prevent the spread of Islam, in other words, any nation that resists conquest. “Yes, [jihad] is Islam’s way of spreading.” However he says the jihad must be waged against the state, not its people. …OK, so you’re going to, say, attack the US, but not harm Americans? The sheer idiocy of that statement of his alone is mind-boggling.

“Jihad should be declared in order to annihilate Israel. This is a monstrous entity that must be eradicated.” Wait… didn’t Quddumbass just say that jihad shouldn’t be waged on a nation’s people? Now here is is talking about the annihilation and eradication of Jews. I’ve noticed this trend – get a Muslim fired up about the subject of jihad and their true colors will show right through.

On the subject of conquered territories, Quddum said: “We give them a choice: Either to convert to Islam, or to pay the jizya (safety tax) and submit to the laws of Islam.” So basically Quddum is admitting that Islam doesn’t afford any room for other belief systems, and extorts those who choose not to bend over for Allah while still forcing them to live under barbaric seventh-century laws.

“European countries live in prehistoric, prehuman times. Gay marriage – women with women and men with men… Is that your secularism??!” Prehuman? If anyone is prehuman, it’s a Quranderthal like Quddum, not an enlightened, 21st-century human being who accepts LGBT rights. Secularism also allows gay people to live freely in society instead of hanging them on the spot. “What else [does the west] have [aside from gays]?” Well, for one, much better progress in the area of human rights than Islam, not to mention a higher standard of living than in Islamic countries, less arbitrary laws, just to name a few.

Quddum also claims that Islam brought science to the west… apparently he doesn’t realize that Islamists were (and still are) drinking camel urine as medicine when Europeans were sailing across oceans.

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