Your Daily Muslim: Chad Sultana and Mohammed Nazrul Islam

Chad Sultana and her husband

Chad Sultana and her husband’s corpse

Today’s post contains graphic descriptions of violence. Reader discretion is advised.

It’s no secret that wives are often abused by their Islamic husbands; Qur’an 4:34 allows husbands to beat their wives if they feel their wives are disloyal or disobedient. Chad Sultana is a Bangladeshi Muslim wife with a man’s name who fought back… to an extreme.

After years of beatings at the hands of her husband Mohammed Nazrul Islam, Chad Sultana decided it was time to stand up for herself. Though she couldn’t put him through the hours of pain he forced her to endure, she decided she could do better. Her husband had taken three wives and wanted to take a fourth, the maximum number allowed under Islamic sharia law. Sultana married Islam at the age of 14 or 15, and the couple had a daughter together. Islam had children with his other wives as well.

Sultana, in a last-ditch attempt to preserve her marriage, told her husband that he needed to spend more time with his family instead of trying to find more teenage girls to bone. Normally one would think jealousy could be a motive, but does a dude really need a fourth wife when he has children to raise? Islam responded by beating her and telling her she had no right to criticize him. Realizing words and kindness would fail as they often do with Muslims, Sultana went into the kitchen and grabbed a knife.

Within an hour, Islam was lying on the floor, covered in blood. Sultana had ambushed him, stabbed him several times, then began to carry out the grisly punishment she had in mind for her abuser. While Islam was still conscious, she used the knife to saw off his genitals, which she viewed as the reason he kept seeking new wives. A few more stab wounds to the chest did him in.

Sultana has been charged with murder. Some have argued her actions were justified – do you think so? Comment below!

16 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Chad Sultana and Mohammed Nazrul Islam

  1. justice is served.


  3. Bitch got told.

  4. To phrase a pun…..the pr*ck deserved it…..!!!!

    And the wife should not be charged…..they don’t charge husbands for killing their wives for ‘extra marital affairs’….Hmmmm, maybe too many syllables in that for these people to relate back to the Qur’an….

  5. She should have rammed his cock up his arm arse. Fucking ridiculous laws these pricks have are pathetic

  6. i dont think shes wrong at all

    • If more of their wives would respond this way, the abuse might change. When there is no punishment, they have no reason to change. I think she should be put on a 6-month probation period, during which time she cannot remarry. No other punishment should be given.

  7. Planned killing is wrong no matter what are the circumstances. Chad Sultana should have taken her children and left her husband, publisized her dilemma in international newspapers and websites, started a movement against abusive husbands and multiple marriages.

  8. Link Below shows INBREEDING in islamic countries! Muslims are NASTY!

  9. A pity more of them don’t do the same & then these backward bastards might learn not to treat women like shit.

  10. […] fairly clean manner, removing both Mazi’s penis and his testicles. Apparently this is kind of a common thing for Bangladeshi Muslimahs to do to men who mistreat […]

  11. Isn’t it in their fairy tale that they are supposed to take care of their family, both financially and emotionally before they get new wives, clearly wife number one didn’t believe he was living up to their code benefiting only men. She did the right thing, he beat her, and in their fairy tale that is a good thing, but in reality she was a child forced into a married, abused regularly and for years, financially spread thin due to her husbands sexual desires for teenage brides. She will probably be drawn and quartered but I hope she is an inspiration for other Bangladeshi women, and more of them step up with their mad knife skills.

  12. […] very important because I’m Muslim.” I wonder what his future (arranged-married) wife is going to do when she finds out he enjoys raping children. Also, note the irony of a child molester thinking himself worthy of someone who is […]

  13. […] very important because I’m Muslim.” I wonder what his future (arranged-married) wife is going to do when she finds out he enjoys raping children. Also, note the irony of a child molester thinking himself worthy of someone who is […]

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