Your Daily Muslim: Wayne Whallid Parnell

Islam, before and after. In addition to being an atrocity against women, Islam is also an atrocity against proper grooming.

Islam, before and after. In addition to being an atrocity against women, Islam is also an atrocity against proper grooming.

South African professional cricket player Wayne (conversion name Whallid) Parnell isn’t exactly the kind of person I normally feature on here – for one, his hair isn’t gray and/or falling out, for two, he’s a public figure who isn’t involved in politics or clergy. Why is he on here then? He’s a prime example of Islamic hypocrisy.

Parnell converted to Islam in 2011, likely as a stunt for publicity. Ever since, he has drawn a massive Muslim following simply because he converted to Islam, akin to how celebrities who come out as LGBT automatically garner a gay following. After his conversion, he has refused to wear jerseys with logos of alcohol brands on them because substance abuse is against his religion. What his Muslim following would be shocked to find out, however, is that Parnell is a lying hypocrite.

Now playing for a cricket team in India, Parnell decided he wanted to have a little more fun than his religion allowed him to. At a party, he and numerous others used cocaine, MDMA, and cannabis. When the party was raided by police, he was apprehended. He denies any wrongdoing, though he tested positive for the presence of drugs in his system. Parnell also kissed a dog, which none of his Muslim following would be pleased to see – dogs are considered “ritually unclean” in Islam, like pigs. Sorry, Wayne, or Whallid, or Wall-E, or whatever it is you want to be called. The cover has been blown on your little publicity stunt.

11 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Wayne Whallid Parnell

  1. […] that – his little hissyfit over the team’s sponsor was likely a PR stunt in the vein of Wayne Whallid Parnell to appeal to his Muslim fans. Hopefully now his fans see what a hypocrite he is – devout in […]


  3. Fucking prick, fuck off and leave him alone!

  4. You cannot decide whether someone is Muslim or not… only Allah can decide what is going on in people’s hearts. The information you have got may be wrong or misleading, or they may be some other provenance. At the end of the day, you cannot abuse people just because of what you have heard

    • Blood is circulating in peoples’ hearts- nothing else. You don’t need Allah to tell you that.

    • Yes, you can- it’s mere logic.
      If it sounds like a moron… If it acts like a moron… If it talks/writes like a moron…

      Its most likely a Muslim.

  5. This is such a bullshit article.

  6. MASHA ALLAH welcome brother

  7. Oh…….boy …..lucky…boy……heroic one….. valiant boy…..may Allahs peace n mercy be on you.I’m sooo happy.you were my favourite player.I’m feeling cyclone of happiness inside of me.

  8. Don’t bother about anyone Parnell.just develop the relationship between u and almighty.

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