Your Daily Muslim: Salma Kabal

The Nazgul from Lord of the Rings are frequently seen in the Islamic world

The Nazgul from Lord of the Rings are frequently seen in the Islamic world

Pregnant UK Muslim Salma Kabal is the definition of clingy. Despite the fact that her husband Ashik Ali had left her to prepare to wage jihad, she continually begged him to return to help raise the child she’s carrying. It is unknown what the offspring of a human and a Nazgul like Kabal would look like; perhaps media coverage will show the baby once it is born.

Ali, realizing his wife wasn’t even human after several disturbing and painful sex sessions, decided he needed to seek forgiveness for his actions from Allah while staying away from his wife. To do so, he decided to plan a suicide bombing with a few of his friends. Kabal was deeply saddened by her human conquest’s departure, and pined for his return. She managed to track Ali down, and the two had an honest heart-to-whatever-the-Nazgul-have about their future. Ali told her about his plans to wage jihad, and she supported him. The dumbass didn’t even think her husband was trying to blow himself up to get some virgin vagina, since Nazgul sex is apparently unbearable. She still held on to the hope that they had a future together.

Kabal, to get closer to her husband, volunteered to join him and his associates in their jihad. Their conversations, however, were being recorded by British authorities. Instead of trying to convince Ali to return to their home and start a family together, she felt obligated to stand by him no matter what kinds of bad decisions he was making. She was completely aware of his attempt to create what he claimed would be “bigger than 9/11.” She didn’t contact anyone else about it, not her friends, not authorities… apparently saving her marriage was more important to her than saving thousands of innocent people. Then again, they were infidels, and we all know how highly Muslims think of infidels.

Ali and his associates were arrested on terrorism charges. Kabal has been charged as a conspirator for not contacting the police despite her knowledge of the terror plot for nearly two years.

3 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Salma Kabal

  1. Bahahaha Fuck me! Great satire & sarcasm! ROFLMFAO!

  2. So it seems that penis was more important than peace to her.
    What a total scumbaggage!

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