Your Daily Muslim: Abdelkader Eljanabi

Abdelkader Eljanabi

Abdelkader Eljanabi

55-year-old UK Muslim Abdelkader Eljanabi just couldn’t resist. Despite everything he had been taught about resisting temptation, the allure of the creature’s tender flesh was too strong for him. He couldn’t help but indulge himself, despite the fact that he was in the bathroom of a shopping center and the tempting creature was a 14-year-old boy who didn’t consent.

Eljanabi, being old and arthritic, enlisted the help of one of his fellow gay pedos, Alex Wilson-Fletcher, to help stalk and contain the victim. The pair followed the teen from a local LGBT youth center to the public bathroom, where Eljanabi began ferociously cruising the boy, ogling him up and down. The teen was rightly freaked out and tried to move away from the pervert. Wilson-Fletcher then appeared behind the boy, allowing Eljanabi to grab him. “Come with us, you’re going to do anything we say and if you try to run away we will catch you,” Eljanabi told the frightened 14-year-old.

Eljanabi and Wilson-Fletcher directed the teen into a bathroom at a department store, where they forced him to munch on their presumably rancid genitals. Eljanabi then raped the boy, like Muslim men do to young boys all across the Middle East as a “cultural practice.” By Islamic logic, the teen should’ve worn a burqa so he wouldn’t be considered at fault for the rape by inciting temptation in his attackers.

Eljanabi and Wilson-Fletcher have been arrested and charged with the crime. UPDATE April 29 – Eljanabi and Wilson-Fletcher have both been convicted!

17 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Abdelkader Eljanabi

  1. dirty fucking scum need shooting ! why do we tolerate these scum ??

  2. I am not allowed by law to say “track the fuckers down and kill them,” so I wont say it.

  3. Shame the lad didnt sink his teeth right into the dirty old fuckers balls.

  4. Scum like this should be hung drawn and quartered. Along with the rest of his Muslim kin

  5. Is Alex Wilson-Fletcher the same one who stood for the LibDems in Chorley and Bradford?

  6. […] Two men have been found guilty of raping a 14-year-old boy in a city centre department store's toilets. Alex Wilson-Fletcher, 41, of Oldham Street, Manchester, and Turkish national Abdelkader El-Janabi, 55, of Artillery Court, Ardwick, attacked the boy in Debenhams on Manchester's Market Street in June. BBC News – Men guilty of raping boy, 14, in Manchester Debenhams Your Daily Muslim: Abdelkader Eljanabi | Your Daily Muslim […]

  7. Sorry to say im also a Muslim born and raised in the UK, I spend 10 years in the Uk forces, when I finished my military career I took up a career in the police force, I can tell you 99% of the cases I have worked on kids been raped, beaten and even murdered have been committed by white English males, who you seem to think are so great. In my 17 years in the force have only investigated a handful of Asian and Black folk who have committed such crimes. From what I see from this particular website it is just inciting racial hatred, if the website was created called christianof theday we would have a new white Pedophiles everyday… this website should be banned

    • This has nothing to do with race. It has everything to do with religion. Islam condones pedophilia. Muhammad, pigs be upon him, married a girl when she was 6 and has sex with her when she was 9.

      • @YDM All the racists should be shot before opening their filthy mouth!! world will be a peaceful place without them frustrated bunch of retards around!!

  8. I’m sure plenty of Christians back in ‘the day’ married/slept with/raped children.. Didn’t Jerry Lee Lewis (or some American musician) marry his 13 year old cousin? No-one cared as it was legal and under the watch of “god”. So don’t start spouting that Islam is any better or worse than Christianity.

    • Islam is the only religion nowadays that forces women to dress like ninjas, calls for widespread murder of Jews and other nonbelievers, hangs gays throughout its domain, and has its followers blow themselves up for Allah. When there’s a Jesus Akbar, lemme know, I’ll be waiting 😉

  9. Aren’t Jews prophet killers? Please comment

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