Your Daily Muslim: Hassan Abujihaad

He should wage jihad against his waistline, not the US...

He should wage jihad against his waistline, not the US…

Anyone who converts to Islam and chooses to put ‘jihad’ in their name, however misspelled, is obviously up to no good. US Navy sailor Paul Hall had grown tired of getting confused with second-rate rapper Paul Wall, so he changed his name to Hassan Abujihaad upon his conversion to Islam. Unlike many Muslim converts who don’t have their jihad planned out upon conversion, Abujihaad already knew how he was going to serve Allah, aside from bending over for him five times a day.

You have to be fairly unintelligent and/or gullible to convert to Islam, a religion which advocates wife-beating, child marriage, and unusually violent hatred of all those who don’t believe in it. That considered, Abujihaad’s unfamiliarity with how the internet works should come as no surprise. He had converted to Islam after visiting an Islamic bookstore in England, and that was where he made his first connections in the Islamic community, which he maintained through frequent use of online forums. However, he didn’t use a proxy to hide his IP address when talking with his fellow mujahideen (jihadis.) It wasn’t long before he betrayed the US, to which he had sworn an oath as a Navy sailor.

When some of his online friends asked him about the positions of US Navy ships, Abujihaad happily divulged that confidential information. He also purchased videos of jihad attacks and spoke words of praise about Osama bin Laden and the attack on the USS Cole. A while later, Abujihaad left the Navy, and felt confident no one would learn of how he had betrayed his country. However, when the FBI began investigating terror links related to that bookstore and the jihadi forum it was connected to, they immediately found evidence of Abujihaad’s treason. He was taken into custody and sentenced to 10 years for divulging classified information.

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  1. This website has false facts , you really don’t know the rules of Islam . shame . this is so lame.

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