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Your Daily Muslim: Muhammad Abdul-Malik al-Zoghbi

The placement of the tablecloth on the head denotes one's lack of mental stability.

The placement of the tablecloth on the head denotes one’s lack of mental stability.

Some people have no idea how dirty what they’re saying actually is. Egyptian Sunni Islamic cleric Muhammad Abdul-Malik al-Zoghbi is one of those people. In a televised speech, he unintentionally discussed the early practice of gay BDSM by an ancient Pharaoh as part of a tirade against Jews.

“[Pharaoh] would ride a Jew as one might ride a donkey… Pharaoh would ride on his back, his legs dangling on either side. Sometimes, he would ride him sidesaddle. He would grab him by the collar, and lead him: Giddyup… He would ride him like a donkey because a donkey he is.” Wow, if that isn’t describing gay sex, I don’t know what is. What’s funnier is that al-Zoghbi is oblivious to the true nature of what he’s saying in an effort to insult Jews, but is really making himself seem like a dirty old man. And why are Jews donkeys anyway? They aren’t asses, unlike Muslims.

The anti-Semitism doesn’t end there. In another speech, al-Zoghbi is quoted as saying: “…wherever the Jews may be found, they wallow in mud and spread corruption.” He also called Jews the “masters of terrorism.” Yes, Jews are the masters of terrorism, because it’s Jews across the world who are screaming “Yahweh Akbar,” blowing themselves up in crowded places, and beheading non-Jews.

Al-Zoghbi had this to say about Shiite Muslims: “May Allah cut your tongue out! May he freeze the blood in your veins! May he inflict you with cancer and allow you no reprieve… Allah, strike them with all sorts of disease, afflictions and pain! Allah, strike them with cancer! Allah, let your prophet overpower them! Allah destroy them! Allah destroy them! Allah destroy them! Allah destroy the criminals who challenge the noble prophet!” If that’s what Muslims think should happen to their fellow Muslims just for having a few different beliefs, imagine the kind of torture they have in mind for us kuffar (infidels)…

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