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Your Daily Muslim: Abd al-Jalil al-Karouri

The Islamic Alex Jones

The Islamic Alex Jones

“Why shouldn’t we call [Barack Obama] by the name [Hussein], which belongs to us? …It wouldn’t be a mistake for our media to call him President Hussein.”

Sudanese Islamic cleric Abd al-Jalil al-Karouri is the latest in a long line of nutty Islamic conspiracy theorists. In a recent sermon, he is quoted as saying that the recent earthquake in Iran which damaged the country’s nuclear capabilities (hallelujah) was caused by a western nation.

Apparently the US can now cause earthquakes halfway across the world. Good to know. That said, al-Karouri’s logic behind his assertion was this: “People know who is responsible for earthquakes. It is God… The so-called ‘earthquake-war’ has begun. The industrialized countries have the capacity to make bombs that impact the Earth’s crust and core, causing earthquakes.” An Iranian Islamic cleric, Kazem Sedighi, said women not wearing the veil (burqa) brought about earthquakes as a sign of anger from God. Neither cleric made any mention of tectonic instability. As for bombs reaching the Earth’s core, well, they’d have to get through thousands of miles of mantle first. al-Karouri needs to complete his elementary-school education before trying to talk about science.

al-Karouri then reached Alex Jones-esque levels of craziness when he blamed Israel for the Boston marathon bombings. “When North Korea stopped manufacturing buses, it started making nuclear warheads. Today, North Korea poses a threat to America. America might be drawn into an historic war, a war between Communism and capitalism. This is precisely what Israel does not want. Israel wants the war to be between America and the ‘primitive’ Arabs, and that is why the bombs were ‘primitive.'” At least al-Karouri recognizes the civilizational and intellectual shortcomings of Palestine and other middle eastern countries. However, those shortcomings have nothing to do with race but entirely with religion; Islam opposes change and education since education empowers people that need to be kept blind in the dark for the 7th-century ideology to prosper.

“It is written in the Qur’an that at one point the Jews were transformed into apes in a city called Eilat, which the Jews now occupy. They became apes.” An ape has a greater intellectual capacity than al-Karouri if he actually believes such fiction as rapid reverse evolution to be true.

al-Karouri’s batshit insanity and anti-Semitism don’t stop there. He claims that Jews masterminded the 9/11 attacks, a claim so ridiculously false it even inspired its own internet meme. “We consider this to be a Jewish conspiracy. 4,000 Jews were absent from work in this usury center – these two buildings in Manhattan were the World Usury Center. 4,000 Jews were absent from work, so that 4,000 Americans would die.” Anything non-Muslim, including non-halal economics, is fair game to be viciously attacked by Muslims without backlash from their sycophantic leftist buddies.

Now, here’s some more food for thought from al-Karouri on Barack Hussein Obama: “[Obama] has ideological roots, because his father is one of ours, and his religion, originally, is our religion. He has a longing for these roots. Otherwise, he would not display such a yearning.”

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