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Your Daily Muslim: Sameer Swalehudin Massaritisoo

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Somali Muslim Sameer Swalehudin Massaritisoo, who now lives in the UK, is a real piece of work. Not only is he a blithering idiot, he’s a rabid, foaming blithering idiot. One day, he happened upon the Allah Sucks Facebook page and proceeded to have a minor meltdown that progressed from typical ranting to full-on rabid foaming. Here’s a screenshot of Massaritalin’s psychotic episode:


Yep, religion of peace, folks. Totally compatible with western society and our secular values. Whoever the f**k decided to let this piece of shit into the UK needs a thorough bludgeoning upside the head, however unproductive that may be due to that individual’s obvious lack of intellectual ability.


The above screenshot was from Massaritisoo’s personal wall. He wished Boston bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev a healthy life?! The f**k is wrong with him?! I wish Tsarnaev a happy life of waterboarding and solitary confinement, which is what he deserves for what he did! And five likes on that status?! F**king absurd. Liberals, these are the kind of scum that you are letting into our countries with your bullshit immigration policies. Look at Boston to see what happens. If any Muslim-loving liberal tells you they’re a patriot, show them this post.

I’m not sure what this next one is about since it’s in Swahili and Google Translate wasn’t much help, but it seems homophobic. Muslims beg us in the west to be tolerant of them, yet they won’t tolerate large numbers of us. Hypocritical scum.


One comment on “Your Daily Muslim: Sameer Swalehudin Massaritisoo

  1. Wow how do you find these guys lol? They don’t half make it easy for you with their replies…..
    These islamites have been doing what they do best since it was conjured up by Mohammed……Nearly wiped out the zoroastrian religion from iran, converted them by force 1200 years ago remaining fled to India known as parsi’s ….. then they tried the same with India 1000 years ago but failed…..converted the Hindus by force drove the Buddhists out…….Religion of Peace my butt…….convert , take land that don’t belong to them, kill sums them up in one……then they claim it’s a peacful religion yet they ignore the historical facts!

    Rant over……….

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