Your Daily Muslim: Omar Borkan al Gala

Note the extreme receding hairline.

Note the extreme receding hairline.

Most of the Muslims I feature on here are hideous, unkempt visual trainwrecks. However, that’s not the case with today’s, Emirati actor/model/poet Omar Borkan al Gala, who now lives in Canada. Recently, on a vacation to Saudi Arabia, al Gala and two other men were detained and ordered to leave the country because they were deemed “too handsome” by the Saudi Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice. The Committee consists of fatter, uglier men than al Gala. They were jealous that the resident ninjas and Nazgul in Saudi Arabia, which are as close to women as are allowed in that nation, would choose to be with someone hot instead of with the extremely slim pickings Saudi Arabia has to offer. Thus, al Gala was expelled.

Why would anyone ever vacation in a hellhole like Saudi Arabia? Seriously, alcohol is seen as haram (forbidden), premarital sex is punishable by lashing, and there’s hardly any chance to get laid there anyway. That considered, the Committee probably did al Gala a favor by prematurely terminating his likely shitty vacation.

Jihad can be for pretty boys too.

Jihad can be for pretty boys too.

After being featured on Perez Hilton’s site following his deportation fiasco, al Gala gained a huge internet following that mainly consists of horny gay men drooling over their keyboards and partially-braindead teenage blondes. What his fans don’t know, however, is that he has a little secret I’m about to drop… oops! And no, it has nothing to do with the numerous “Allahu Akbar”s he posts in Arabic on his social media sites.

I began browsing through al Gala’s modeling photos trying to find an ideal one to be featured in the piece and noticed an uncanny trend – the top of his head was never shown. He was wearing traditional Islamic tablecloth headdresses in many of the photos, but after an extensive period of digging, I found an older photo which revealed the truth: al Gala has no hair. Like many Muslims who wear weird shit on their heads, al Gala’s hair began to fall out at an early age, and now he just doesn’t have any. Don’t get me wrong, bald is in right now and al Gala can certainly pull it off, but seriously, folks – if you don’t want your hair (or brain) to fall out, don’t wear a tablecloth on your head.


50 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Omar Borkan al Gala

  1. get a life you idiot ! people do not need alcohol as an ‘entertainment’ in life only pathetic people with a sad life need alcohol to ‘enjoy’ themselves for a few hours and then vomit like theres no tommorow and wake up the next day with not a clue of what went on the night before

    • I got drunk last night. I remember everything and I didn’t puke this morning. So fuck your sharia and its paranoid phobia of fun.

    • People don’t need holidays either but they like to right retard?,,,
      If you think everyone forgets what happens when they are drunk you need to have a drink you dimwitt.

      Why do you think the top places to have a holiday sell alcohol retard?

      You are so dumb you don’t even know you are dumb!

    • Those who are afraid to take alcohol are not true to their Gods because they know that they cannot handle the chemical and they will go crazy. I know a lot of Muslim who drink alcohol and they are just fine. But for those who are afraid to try it are the one who does not trust their God and have little trust to themselves

  2. Well good for you dude. And this site just shows how you have nothing better to do, what moron sits there creating a website and puts degrading things on it? Not all muslims are the same , some just become extremists going around shouting the odds at people but there are others out there who practice their religion and dont care about what others do so you have no right to judge. There are muslims who get along with non-muslims and then there are those non-muslims who just dont speak to muslims if they have a problem so you are just pathetic

    • You believe a pedophile was a divinely-ordained prophet. Muslims are the only ones blowing themselves up for their god. Your religion is shit – in order for there to be world peace, Islam must first vanish.

      • I don’t know what your faith is mate, but the last pope, the leader of the Christian faith for a a time, that quit because it’s too much work to sit around and do nothing was also a paedophile.

  3. Well your life is the meaning of shit mate, no point putting up an argument you will probably go on and on seeing as you are taking your time learning things about islam only to go and degrade it which takes being pathetic to a whole new level, unlike you got better things to do so good riddance

    • Islam is worth degrading. It oppresses women, non-Muslims, and LGBTs.

      • La femme est une perle rare dans l’islam. En tant que fille est ouvre le paradis à ces parents, en tant que femme elle est une perle rare qui complète la moitié de la religion de son mari, et en tant que mère, le paradis et sous ses pieds! Alors avant d’ouvrir ta bouche renseigne toi au lieu d’écouté les médias va te renseigner au lieu de suivre tous ce que te dise les medias comme un mouton !

      • Just because it’s in French doesn’t make it any less foamy. Tais-toi, Musulmane.

      • Closes you say anything stops to follow what the media says and informs you of you even sheep. Know that when it is a girl, she opens a door of heaven for his father. When she becomes a wife, she completes half of the religion of her husband. When she becomes a mother, heaven is under his feet. If everyone knew the true status of Muslim women in Islam, even the men want to be women. So now information you sheep! bed! http://muzulmans.fr/articles/decrypter-lactualite/journee-de-la-femme-lislam-na-pas-attendu-le-08-mars

      • You’re wrong…

      • U r not worth my time I can see that u have nothing to do in your life except insult so go get a life.

    • One man says he spoke to an angel in a cave 1400 years ago and you believe it dumbass?,,,let me ask you,,,how many angel fossils they dug up?,,,any artifacts?,,,NOTHING!,,,no evidence for angels,,,even Aisha said she noticed Mohammad received convenient revelation almost like she thought he made it up to please his desires!,,,funny that?

      • who said angles “died and were buried in the cave” you moron? only obsessed pathetics like you can think of something like that. SUCK ON THAT YOU DUMB ASS!

      • angels r made of light they can not be dug up u idiot so go find real info then insult your just embarrassing yourself

  4. OMG! the most hilarious article ever!!! I am a proud independent Muslim woman, My family doesn’t put any sanction on me. I believe modesty is sexy, and lesser the skin you show more others wonder. Most importantly, modesty is supported by all three desert religions Islam, Christianity and Judaism. I consider Judaism and Christianity as pre-mature Islam. That is why I and all the Muslims respect all the Prophets and believe in them. I love peace, and I love God’s Creatures

  5. Is omar barkan al gala a Christian or a Muslim ?

  6. Pathetic article, you were just looking for any excuse to have a go. Also looking at your site you seem to think people who aren’t muslim don’t commit crimes. Stuart Hall? Jimmy Saville?

  7. I really don’t think he should be aborted, because he is too handsome.
    Ohh well all I have too say is; TABARKALLAH and MASHAALLAH

  8. IF one has nothing GOOD to say..then hold ur peace ..never judge this man if u do not know him..please….WE ARE ALL HUMAN IN THE END..STOP THIS INSANITY ..LET HIM LIVE HIS LIFE..WHAT HAS HE DONE TO THOSE WHO DISLIKE HIM????THANK U for reading my comment…

  9. omggggggggg omarrr ur soo handsome!!!!!! mwahzzzz

  10. Love it hahahahaha! He might have said “allau akbar” but he’s probably not even a practicing Muslim, he’s too busy at the gym.

  11. Your article was racist and ignorant. “Like many Muslims who wear weird shit on their heads,” is both ignorant and racist. Also not everyone looks for a vacation spot where you can get shitfaced and catch an std from a prostitute. Also you did not do your research because he did not go there for a vacation be went for a modeling gig. Hope your ignorant writing gets you no where.

  12. WOW… dude, you REALLY need to get a life…. like REALLY

  13. nonono no es calvo si es calvo igual no me dejara de gustar es demasiado guapo
    mi amor platonico
    re lindo

  14. no non no no es calvo igual no me dejara de gustar es demasiado guapo re lindo mi amor platonico

  15. Old, fake news.. Real story here :


    On topic, sorry I doubt a real Muslim, submitting to God would play around as provocative and seductive like that, using eye lens color and pencil.. Some true narcissistic vibe right there from that man, or color me jealous.

  16. You guys are jealous because he is so sexy and a Muslim.

  17. it is very obvious the writer of this article is ignorant and stupid. Borkan did not go to Saudi for vacation but for any other occation.

  18. hey you! you idiot.MUSLIM are best in hole world. MUSLIMS wear safa on their heads, this not shit. when you walk on street with no clothes this is shit. never underestimate power of A MUSLIM.

  19. who post this I hope you join muslim relegion

  20. All of you people have to cool it. It is never good to degrade any religion. One must respect all religions.

  21. O ignorant one I hope u get guidance to really search the truth of how beautifull islaam is ..its a beautifull way of life..don’t judge it by what u see and think is islam ..read research .Islam is peace

  22. The only terrorist religion that encourages rape of women and the killing of children is a Christian religion, And you will find this shit is in the Bible ,
    99% of the crimes of genocide against humans come from Christians,
    the only terrorists who use nuclear bombs to kill people are the Christians ,
    99% of serial killers who target women and children are the Europeans Christians,
    Tell me now, who are the real terrorists?

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