Your Daily Muslim: Al-Haashim Kamena Atangana

I think he's trying to fondle his nipples...

I think he’s trying to fondle his nipples…

There are three kinds of perennially-single people: a) those who are single and don’t really mind, b) those who are intentionally single, like Barney from How I Met Your Mother, and c) bitter, ugly people who spend their time lashing out at women for rejecting them, only furthering the cycle of rejection. Today’s daily Muslim, Canadian street preacher al-Haashim Kamena Atangana (real name Pierre), is the latter.

Atangana’s hatred of women stems from a long history of being turned down. It’s understandable why any sane woman would tell him to f off, considering how he converted to radical Islam from Christianity. He spends his free time shouting at people on the street while dressing like he stole clothes out of a donation bin. He is thus often confused for being homeless. One of his favorite subjects to rant about: women.

In a letter he wrote to the Toronto Sun, he claims that Canadian laws give “too much freedom to women” and that women are to blame for being raped. “The reason why a woman gets raped is because of the way she dress. Women dress so provocatively so much that they receive too much attention for themselves and that attention at times leads to death.” So basically women shouldn’t be given freedoms because using those freedoms means they could get killed? Then people shouldn’t be allowed to go skydiving – that often leads to death, yet you don’t see misogynistic Muslims screeching about outlawing it.

“Why is it that Rapists and sexual predators only target women that dress so provocatively? Because Muslim women have nothing to show in regards to her body.” Thank you, Atangana, for admitting that women who accept Islam are hideous, hence why they love their weird ninja outfits.

Atangana is a firm believer in Islamic sharia law, including the part that commands Muslims to kill infidels. He isn’t shy about talking about it either – when asked about his stance by a non-Muslim, he straight-up told the infidel that infidels should be put to death. He has also boasted about slapping people who insult Islam. Yep, religion of peace right there, folks.

He has said that, in order to truly follow Jesus, one must convert to Islam. Jesus was a really peaceful guy and didn’t give commands like “smite them at the neck and strike off every fingertip of them” – needless to say, Atangana is crazy high and/or delusional to think the teachings of Jesus and Islam are at all compatible.

One last thing to make you despise this mofo even more – he claims that the prophet Muhammad’s marriage to six-year-old Aisha was legitimate and that he wasn’t a pedophile. Muhammad, pigs be upon him, had sex with his “wife” when she was 9.

4 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Al-Haashim Kamena Atangana

  1. He has quite an interestingly distorted head, so I would imagine the brain is similarly dented, but what a 24 carat cretin he is.
    My black female room mate just now looked over my shoulder and said:
    “If thats a man, I don’t f**king want one!”

  2. it seems not many woman are attracted to anthropoid apes.

  3. Can’t even get a woman in an arranged marriage I imagine or he’d have at least one wife by now. These native converts are truly frightening.

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