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Your Daily Muslim: Abdul-Hakim Murad aka Tim Winter

I think he subconsciously realizes he's making an ass of himself

I think he subconsciously realizes he’s making an ass of himself

You know you’re a white liberal when you change your religion just so you can say you’re a part of your precious “diversity.” UK Muslim Tim Winter, now known as sheikh Abdul-Hakim Murad, was one such white liberal. He’s still white, but is not so much of a liberal. A lecturer at Cambridge University, Murad’s perspective was valued by his fellow academics, the vast majority of whom are white liberals, because he contributed views that were conducive to the pompous, condescending atmosphere of academia. Then a little video of his from before he joined the Cambridge faculty got out.

Thank God it wasn’t a sex tape, because that might make me lose my dinner. In this video, Murad gave his views on homosexuality, the subject of many a white liberal circle-jerk. However, after converting to Islam, the formerly-tolerant Murad’s views kinda went back in time around 1300 years or so. Needless to say, his white liberal colleagues were dismayed.

Murad said that gays were “so ignorant [they] don’t even understand what [their] bodies are for.” That’s quite ironic, coming from a Muslim. The prophet Muhammad, pigs be upon him, molested a 9-year-old girl – prepubescent girls’ bodies aren’t meant for sex. “[Homosexuality] is a form of extreme defiance of Allah.” And child molestation is a form of extreme defiance of human decency, yet you don’t see Muslims around the world condemning Muhammad… hmm.

“There is a great war against cigarette smoking but there is no campaign at all against the vice of the people of Lut [homosexuals].” Hmm, maybe because there’s nothing wrong with gay people? Maybe because homosexuality doesn’t cause cancer?

Murad then went on, comparing homosexuals to arsonists. He claims that, though it is believed a predisposition for arson is genetic, that is no basis for legalizing it. Sure, that makes sense. He applies the same logic to homosexuality, except he’s kinda forgetting the whole part about homosexuality that doesn’t cause houses to burn down. Yep, even the most flaming homosexuals on the planet can’t set fire to a building by getting it on. Islamic logic yet again proves itself to be pathetically fallacious.

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  1. what a wanker!

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