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Your Daily Muslim: Tareq Hawwas

Tareq Hawwas

Tareq Hawwas

“The Jews are among the true enemies of the Islamic nation. Their enmity began with the beginning of the call to Islam.”

Tareq Hawwas, a Lebanese member of the International Union of Muslim Scholars, really hates Jews. After having studied the Qur’an, he believes that the Jews of today are no different from those who lived during the time of the prophet Muhammad (pigs be upon him.) He also claims that Jews have a history of killing prophets, citing Jesus and Muhammad (pigs be upon him) as examples. Muhammad had it coming – he was a pedophile and a warlord.

“None has attributed falsehoods to Allah more than the Jews. They said that Allah has a child, that He is poor, and that He is miserly. The Jews attributed to Allah all the negative traits that one should not even attribute to the most common of people. Thus, the Jews are among the people most rejecting of Allah.” Well, to be honest, Allah does have a lot of negative traits – he commands his followers to massacre those who don’t believe in him, he chose a violent pedophile as his prophet, and the religion he created has no tolerance for women.

“Moreover, they are cowards. Allah said: ‘They will not fight you all except within fortified cities.’ What is happening in Palestine proves the cowardice of the Jews, and proves that they are the most cowardly of Allah’s creatures. If not for the remote-controlled weapons, which they hide behind… By Allah, they are too cowardly to engage in direct combat.” Hawwas is calling JEWS cowardly? What about the Palestinian gunmen that use their children as human shields, then when their babies get their skulls blown open in the crossfire, take pictures of it to claim Israel is shooting innocent children? Palestinian Muslims are cowardly.

“Incidentally, most of what is said about the [Holocaust] is exaggeration and lies. If only Hitler had finished them off, thus relieving humanity of them. But Hitler was more merciful than they are themselves. They exploited this minor incident in order to extort the world.” Six million killed is a “minor incident”? Are you f**king kidding me?! One of the worst massacres in the history of the human race is somehow “minor”?! This is what Islam thinks of Jews – not deserving of the same rights and treatment as other humans.

Hawwas dehumanizes Jews because he thinks they are enemies of Islam – many Muslims argue Islam forbids killing except when fighting for Islam. The way Muslims use this command to get away with murder is to say that anyone who isn’t a Muslim is actively fighting against Islam.

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  1. islam is of dogs and pigs!

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