Your Daily Muslim: Samantha Lewthwaite

Probably the only picture of her where she isn't wearing a bedsheet or ninja costume

Probably the only picture of her where she isn’t wearing a bedsheet or ninja costume

“So maybe ­tomorrow it will be ­Jannah [paradise], I look around at how beautiful Jihad is, it’s alive in Kenya, it’s alive in me, and I’m breathing Jihad, it’s my time.”

Samantha Lewthwaite (that last name is pronounced like “lose weight” with a lisp; perhaps she should take the hint) had no idea growing up what she would become. She converted to Islam at age 15. Several years later, she married Germaine Lindsay, a man who captured her heart before turning her into a monster. Lindsay and three others blew themselves up in the horrific 7/7 bus bombings in London, leaving Lewthwaite widowed with three children in her care.

When police first interviewed Lewthwaite about her husband’s involvement, she claimed she had no idea he was planning to be a part of in the attacks. After forensic evidence was released proving he was guilty, she condemned her husband’s actions as extremist, and said his mind had been poisoned by radicals. However, the radical Lewthwaite was simply engaging in taqiyya, the Islamic principle of lying to protect or preserve Islam. Her mind had also been poisoned.

Now single and not seen as a suspect, she was able to continue her jihadi research and networking unhindered. During this period, she met Jermaine Grant, another crazy Muslim. She probably saw something of her late husband in the guy, since they’re both Muslims with the same name. With Grant and another Muslim, Fouad Abubakar Manswab, Lewthwaite conspired to carry out terror attacks in Kenya. The trio (who may or may not have been in one of those weird polyamory situations) moved into a villa in Kenya, where they began to amass ammunition. They planned to attack hotels in Mombasa. Soon, another British Muslim, Habib Saleh Ghani, joined them.

Thankfully, before the plot came to fruition, Kenyan authorities received a tip and moved in on the villa, where chemicals for making explosives were found. Ghani was able to escape. Grant, Manswab, and Lewthwaite weren’t so lucky. Grant and Lewthwaite were arrested, but Lewthwaite was released when she provided authorities with a false passport. By the time they realized who she really was, she was in the wind.

“My husband terrorized disbelievers… and I will incite others.” After the villa was raided, Lewthwaite’s hand-written notes were discovered. They talked about how her children had told her they wanted to be jihadis when they grew up, and guided her along her path to jihad. Lewthwaite, now known as the “white widow,” had married Ghani, and praised Allah in a note: “I asked for a man that would go forth, give all he could for Allah and live a live of terrorizing the disbelievers as they have us…” You know, normally you wish for a husband with a stable job, compatible personality, and big dick, but apparently none of that stuff matters in Islam.

Not one to waste time, Lewthwaite got in touch with Ghani and Manswab, who was somehow free. They conspired to break Grant out by means of an attack on the courthouse during his hearing. To do this, they enlisted the help of some local Kenyan mujahideen, who happened to have bulletproof vests and plenty more weaponry. The two Muslims who went to carry out the attack were captured, leading to heightened security around Grant, thus thwarting another breakout attempt.

In 2012, it is believed Lewthwaite threw a grenade into a bar full of people watching a soccer match. The location was targeted because Muslims hate drinking, and anything to do with having fun, really. Three were killed in the jihad assault. Instead of being like Bruno Mars and being willing to catch a grenade for someone, Allah instead commands those faithful to him to throw grenades at people.

In late 2012 or early 2013, Lewthwaite found her way to a Somali al-Shabaab (al Qaeda-linked) terrorist camp. When she isn’t getting into catfights on Twitter with her fellow jihadis, she is now reported to be training female suicide bombers. Hopefully she performs a full and proper demonstration for her students.

18 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Samantha Lewthwaite

  1. I fully endorse the last sentence….but wish that it be an error in her judgement and no one else was killed during her live…sic…demonstration.

    • The only ones killed would be her fellow terrorists if she did it during one of her “classes”… like, how can you train to be a suicide bomber anyway? That’s like training to jump off a bridge, haha

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  5. this woman looks very depressed, lost and soulless. So much for the enrichment of Islam.

  6. Why cant religions co exsist with eachother and non-beilievers. That is why im an atheiest.

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  9. To Scott…being an Atheist does not save you from Islamic violence. Atheists would be one of the first groups, to be forced into converting to Islam by the extremists. To Muslims, all non Muslims are infidels and must be converted or die.

  10. You do realize this article is outright pointing fingers at a religion

    1)Al shabaab are murderers
    2)Kenya Defense Forces are Muderers
    3)N.A.T.O are murderers
    4)U.S Army are murderers

    The only difference between them is that Al shabaab doesn’t bother to lie about the fact that they are killing innocents, the last three though are very good at lying abut their disgusting actions. They are ALL Monsters

    • al-Shabaab does it for religion. The others kill to try to protect the innocent from monsters like al-Shabaab. al-Shabaab are instigators, and occasionally the US Army, but al-Shabaab is the rogue group. There is no comparison between them and NATO.

    • The Kenya defense forces didn’t kill any innocents, on the contrary,they even provided Somali citizens with food and water… It was all documented and shown on Kenyan TV!! Get your facts right! N.A.T.O and the U.S army protect innocent people who are being attacked by al shabaab and the like… I can’t even believe you tried to compare the two. Like seriously, get your facts right Mr.

    • Omar we have contacted the SIS and provided them with the IP address you posted those comments from. They will be visiting you shortly.

  11. Surely why are you talk what comes from your mouth? Instead of judging things with your mind and check out the truth about it? If one Muslim is not good, that doesn’t mean Islam is not good. The only one Muslim will remain bad. As the same as if one christian is not good, still that doesn’t means Christian religion is not good. This is when you wrote — ( You know, normally you wish for a husband with a stable job, compatible personality, and big dick, but apparently none of that stuff matters in Islam ) —. Islam has nothing to do with any of one Muslim mistake. I again do believe what peoples doing by attacking with bombs ain’t right. There is a way to fight for Islam but not by killing innocent peoples claiming we are fighting for Islam.

    Again, When you want to say anything about about Allah, go and read the book of Allah, know all what’s in it. Don’t just wake up with your dream without even brush your teeth and say what you feel. This is again when you wrote — ( Instead of being like Bruno Mars and being willing to catch a grenade for someone, Allah instead commands those faithful to him to throw grenades at people ) —. Can you give any verse from the Holy Book that Allah commands those faithful to him to throw grenades at people??? Don’t you feel shame taking salary by spreading lies???

    If you don’t know Islam and you want to say something about it, better read Islam well and say according to Islam. And again, if you don’t know Allah commands, better keep quiet than spreading lies and claim that’s among Allah commands. You can make fun and tells lies to ” Your Daily Muslim” but don’t make it by accusing Allah (God). We are all worship the same God in this earth, the only different is how we different believe, but remember, it’s the same God we all worship as long as we all believe their is only one God, you worship how you believe while am worship how i believe, but it’s the same God we worship. Therefore, i suggest you with all your due respect to respect God with his commands. Don’t make fun with God nor says lies while claim that’s what God commands. Thanks you so much and hope you won’t hate me for being honest on my feeling for you. My condolences for all those who have lost their loved one in any attack. Am a Muslim and Islam is not terrorist. If one Muslim is a terrorist, that doesn’t mean Muslims are terrorist or Islam is terrorist. May God Bless.

    • I’ve researched Islam. And whoever said I worshiped anything at all? Why do you devout types think EVERYONE is religious?! I don’t get it! Qur. 8:12, Qur. 3:151, etc. all demonstrate the violent nature of Islam. Your religion is a cancer upon the face of this earth, and thankfully it is declining.

  12. muslims are thick retarded cunts fancy a bacon sandwich

  13. The Lewthwaite thing is a sickening example of humanity as are her brainwashed friends. As an Englishman (There ya go NSA) I would happily kick her to death. No way would I bite or punch her, I wouldn’t want her Islamonazi genes getting into a papercut or something.

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