Your Daily Muslim: Bashira Dogar

You can probably fit the average Muslim male's penis between her front teeth.

You can probably fit the average Muslim male’s penis between her front teeth.

Bashira Dogar must be proud. Two of her sons, Anjum and Akhtar, were arrested for their involvement in a child sex grooming ring in Oxford, UK. Her sons’ abuses went on for as long as eight years, often in dingy guest houses, and were perpetrated against girls as young as 11. The girls were abducted from the streets and youth homes. However, since Islam allows Muslims to claim the females of territories it has conquered as sex slaves, Dogar openly blamed one of her sons’ victims for what happened to her. Muslims always look out for each other, even when they’ve been proven guilty.

Dogar, who is of Pakistani origin, claims that no one “pressurized” one of her sons’ victims. Aside from the hilarious grammatical mistake, she fails to realize that a preteen infidel girl would want nothing to do with poorly-groomed thirty-something Muslim men. “These girls should be playing with toys. If they start [having sex] at ten, by 15 they are proper ladies.” Proper ladies? At 15? I think she means proper high school freshmen. Islam, however, sees them as ladies as early as age nine – that’s the age at which the prophet Muhammad, pigs be upon him, molested his “wife,” Aisha.

“Nobody can feel sorry for them unless they’re sorry themselves.” Dogar claims one of her sons’ victims was looking to pick up a boy at a train station, and that, if she were riding a train alone, she must certainly be “old enough.” I knew of children who traveled alone as early as age nine. To any sane person, that’s not “old enough”; to a Muslim emulating the prophet Muhammad, however, it’s just right.

It’s likely Dogar was fired when word of her comments got out. A self-written bio at her (former?) employer’s site says “My role is to help the children grow in a learning and enjoyable environment. I completed training in ‘risk assessments in a variety of play environments’ and would like to develop my skills further.” A crappy guest house in which girls are molested isn’t a “play environment.” The fact that this monster worked with kids is appalling – perhaps her sons found some of their targets through her. Who knows how many others who haven’t spoken up were taken advantage of by this horrible Islamic family.

9 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Bashira Dogar

  1. I don’t want to minimise these poor cgildren abuse at the hands of these bastards, but the highest incidents of mental retardation and congenital disease in Europe is amongst muslims, especially Pakistani muslims, and this is because of first and second cousin arranged marriages. This is an NHS medical fact.
    I am a nurse, and I can tell you that it leads to mental retardation, and chronic sufferers often have the mental age much less that their actual years.
    One can check these facts on The World Health website and on The N.H.S.
    It seems fitting that one meets more people with defective brains and bodies following islam, than any other religion.
    One would also have to have a heart of stone not to laugh at muslims.

    • Yeah – between inbreeding, the horrific sexism in the Qur’an, and a lack of proper education (e.g. madrassas, school non-attendance, etc.), it isn’t surprising to see such behavior coming out of Muslims. The arranged marriages are only the tip of the iceberg… child marriages are also taking place right under our noses.

    • Well said, Simona.

  2. Do you know what an old Arab mans penis looks like?
    Can you imagine that shrivelled old Arab penis forcing its way into a childs vagina?
    Well that is exactly what happened when mohammed raped Aisha when she was a nine year old child.
    That is why these Pakistani animals do what they do – their death cult pedophile prophet is regarded as the man to follow, and so they so exactly what he did – rape children.
    They should be beaten to within an inch of their lives.

  3. The inbreeding (predominant in Muslims) causes low IQ and animalistic behaviour which is displayed in the violence and forced sex that we are seeing evidence of all over the world.
    I sincerely hope these victims sue these monsters as well as the police and social workers who dismissed their pleas for help.
    If I see this fugly, unintelligent, inbred mong around she’ll know how it feels to be a victim. Glad they’ve released pictures of her dirty face. I also hope the monsters get a taste of karma from their fellow inmates!

  4. […] Bashira Dogar – Mother of two convicted child sex groomers/predators who blamed her sons’ victims for being assaulted. […]

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