Your Daily Muslim: Saif Mohamed Moussa

He looks like he's coming down from being so high he could see Allah

He looks like he’s coming down from being so high he could see Allah

Even drugged-out bums convert to Islam, or at least that would be my guess after taking a look at California Muslim Saif Mohamed Moussa. The filthy man looked noticeably out of place in a popular Barnes & Noble, creeping around and staring at girls. He then saw one he liked, a 17-year-old who was minding her own business. Her father, a police officer, had left her to browse books in a different section.

Obviously, this scenario doesn’t end well. But first, let’s rewind to early April. Moussa was jailed for around a month and a half and was given 3 years probation for lewd conduct in public. Just out of jail, he didn’t waste any time in his hunt.

Back to the girl in the Barnes & Noble. Moussa approached her and immediately grabbed her. She kicked him and screamed as he started to haul her out of the store. The girl’s father heard her screams and ran toward the front of the store. Within seconds, the girl was free and the Muslim was face down on the pavement. Other cops arrived on the scene, and apparently Moussa was claiming the girl because “he intended to marry her.” Forcing women into marriage is commonplace in Islamic hellholes like Afghanistan, but to see someone attempt it in Western society should be a real eye-opener. Radical Islam isn’t what oppresses women – Islam is.

5 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Saif Mohamed Moussa

  1. Strange for a muslim to go after a 17 year old. Normally that is too old. OK.. Zuckerberg would but he is an unusual muslim. Cut off his balls… tiny as they may be.. and force feed him.

  2. Lock him up and throw away the key. Filthy piece of shit.

  3. This guy has been going regularly to this Barnes & Noble for years now, totally
    harmless but over-friendly. he is Bi-polar, shakes hands and hugs everybody, I
    guess part of the symptoms, and reads a lot too. I think this incident went out
    of proportion. How could someone drag a 17 years old girl 25 feet @ 2pm on
    Sat at a crowded B&N without her screaming for help nor any one noticing till
    she talks to her father, mind you this guy doesn’t even have a car, he uses the
    public bus all the time at a nearby bus-stop. does this look like abduction in
    any way ? I’m sure other frequent customers of that store can agree with me.

  4. You guys are utterly retarded. I was in the barnes and Noble to read, not to look at girls, you ingrates. And EVERYTHING about this story is COMPLETELY false except for the fact I was in B & N and got arrested. The news media is completely ridiculous and it’s obvious they lie just to make stories and exemplify people. You guys have my word I will do everything I can to make sure the news media tells the truth.

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