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Your Daily Muslim: Teungku Muslim Ibrahim

The only picture of Teungku Muslim Ibrahim on Google.

Teungku Muslim Ibrahim

Teungku Muslim Ibrahim is just that – a Muslim, and a crazy one at that. As head of Indonesia’s notoriously-Islamist Aceh province’s Consultative Assembly of Ulema and a professor at Aceh’s State Islamic Institute, Ibrahim’s entire life basically consists of bending over for Allah. Aceh province came under fire by an Amnesty International human rights inquiry when the practice of public caning as punishment was discovered. Islamic sharia law calls for caning or lashing as punishment, and Ibrahim was quick to respond to Amnesty International’s criticisms of the savage practice. In Indonesia, people are caned for social drinking, holding hands outside of marriage, and other things us westerners recognize are harmless and fun.

“It is their right to criticize, but as long as they do not seek to understand sharia, they will continue to criticize something they know little about.” Yep, the typical Islamist deflection tactic of “you don’t understand it, so you have no right to criticize it.” There’s not much of any room for misunderstanding about permanently scarring people and sometimes breaking bones or causing death from the force of the blows. Here’s some pictures for the liberal apologists who might lend a listening ear to Ibrahim’s kitman, or authorized lying by denial, obfuscation, or omission in Islam.



Now that you have a better idea of what Ibrahim probably gets off to watching, tell me there’s anything to misunderstand. “People criticize because they don’t understand. The rules in Aceh are clear. The Qur’an says that those who believe in Allah and Muhammad must not abide by laws other than the ones determined by their God.” So apparently Ibrahim’s admitting that sharia law sanctions cruelty, as well as disobedience to any other governments. Take note – this is how many (not all, but a sizable number) Muslims in western nations think, and they would love nothing more than to turn every nation into a sharia shithole.

Ibrahim claims that sharia punishments are only handed to Muslims, but this isn’t entirely the case. Non-Muslims in Aceh are socially and legally required to comply with bizarre Islamic laws, such as not wearing jeans. Local sharia police also arrest and jail apostates, and threaten them with retaliation by Islamist militias if they don’t return to Islam. Anyone who argues that there is no compulsion in Islam is either willfully being an idiot or is engaging in the Islamic deception principles of kitman or taqiyya.

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