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Your Daily Muslim: Faiza al-Kharafi

Faiza al-Kharafi

Faiza al-Kharafi

Dr. Faiza al-Kharafi is the former president of Kuwait University, as well as a noted chemical researcher and ragingly jealous bitch. If she were any more green with envy, she’d be Shrek. When a professor at Kuwait University told al-Kharafi about rampant lesbianism on campus, even between veiled girls, al-Kharafi fumed. She wanted to get in on the action but was much too haggard.

What did al-Kharafi do about the professor’s claim? She fired her, claiming that homosexuality didn’t exist in Kuwait. “Ours is a Muslim society and homosexuality is against Islam.” This backs up the Hadith’s stance on lesbianism; “Sihaq [lesbian sexual activity] of women is zina [fornication] among them.” The punishment for fornication is death for the married and lashing for the unmarried. Maybe al-Kharafi didn’t want to be made aware so she wouldn’t give in to the temptation and end up getting lashed…

al-Kharafi is also a hypocrite. When giving a speech about global scientific collaboration, she claimed “People have to work all together, collaborate globally… science is a universal language.” She meant to say “collaborate globally except with gays and lesbians, we don’t want anything to do with them.” Ladies and gentlemen, proof that even in educated people, Islam is dangerous to sanity.

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