Your Daily Muslim: Mehr Abdul Sattar

What is it with crazies and mustaches?

What is it with crazies and mustaches?

Every head-in-the-clouds liberal would have you believe that Islam is a tolerant religion of peace. If that’s true, why are more and more intolerant Islamic savages like Pakistani political candidate Mehr Abdul Sattar coming out of the woodwork?

Suspected of murdering a Christian man, Sattar surprised everyone by announcing his candidacy for a seat in a provincial assembly while still on the run from authorities. Unable to really give public speeches or anything, the only people who supported Sattar were his fellow crazy Islamists. Predictably, the election didn’t go well for him. However, his violent streak was only just beginning.

On May 12, a mob of Sattar’s supporters ambushed his Christian political rivals’ followers. They rioted and damaged the election victors’ vehicles. Despite the pillaging and looting behavior reminiscent of that of the prophet Muhammad (pigs be upon him), local police did not attempt to locate or arrest Sattar.

The next day, Sattar entered local mosques and finally got to speak to the public. His words horrified the world. “Burn their [Christians’] homes to the ground… punish them such that they forget Gojra and Joseph Colony,” Sattar stated. Gojra and Joseph Colony were two locations where Muslim mobs burned the homes of Pakistani Christians. Mosque imams blared Sattar’s message over their loudspeakers, and the true tolerance of Islam was heard loud and clear.

4 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Mehr Abdul Sattar

  1. Really don’t understand why the US is supposedly a close Ally of this country…they are basically their enemy….?

  2. Predictably, the election didn’t go well for him.

    Doesn’t that sentence sort of go against the point your blog is trying to make?

    • I’m showcasing that there are crazy Muslims – but that not everyone agrees with them, and that their voices deserve to be criticized and publicly ridiculed as Sattar’s was.

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