Your Daily Muslim: Risti Rahmadi

Ninja costumes: now in zebra print.

Ninja costumes: now in zebra print.

There are a great deal of hypocrites in the Islamic world, but most pale in comparison to Indonesian housewife Risti Rahmadi. If you think this is one of those Desperate Housewives scenarios, you’re gonna be disappointed; Rahmadi’s an extremely devout Muslim. She’s married and has spawned two offspring, one male and one female. She claims to oppose all non-Islamic influences in her and her family’s lives, but has no problem exposing her poor innocent children to such western immorality as The Amazing Spider-Man.

Rahmadi is part of a growing movement in Indonesia to promote women wearing the hijab. In fact, she seems to wear it all the time – she’s quite possibly a “never-nude,” like Tobias from Arrested Development. She and many of her fellow housewives have united to attempt to encourage Indonesians to spend their time praying instead of enjoying themselves, and to spend their money at Islamic venues instead of heathen hellholes like shopping malls. When interviewed, she stated: “I think Indonesia has become too western.”

However, Rahmadi takes her children to see western movies like the aforementioned The Amazing Spider-Man, which portrays western relationships and public displays of affection. The hypocrite protested against Valentine’s Day this year, claiming it should be renamed “Hijab Day.” Why? Because it promotes showing affection in public, which is apparently like some awful thing in Islam. I can understand not wanting to PDA if your significant other is some sort of awful trainwreck of an embarrassment, which I suppose someone like Rahmadi who wears a ninja costume is, but seriously now. What’s so bad about holding hands?

Rahmadi is also a connoisseur of halal foods, and is involved in the stereotypical housewife activity of cooking classes with her halal-foodie friends. Halal animal slaughter involves exsanguinating the animal without anesthetizing it while a Muslim reads words from the Qur’an, as if that somehow makes it holy and not barbaric. Don’t support animal cruelty – don’t buy halal food.

10 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Risti Rahmadi

  1. You idiots, you r try to paint bad image of Islam. Islam is not a person, but a religion. A person have weaknesses but that weaknesses is not attributed to Islam, but it is a personal weakness. So we dont say that human beings are free of weakness hence can be wrong in 1 way or the other. This view of you taking the black-sheeps in our community & painting a picture of a typical muslim isn’t a thing which an inteligent person should wellcomed. So get to know 4rm its authentic sources & not person who lives in this times of turmoils(fitnah), so who knows that person is an agent of un-Islamic elements who has hiden agenda??
    Upon you be Pigs too(as u stated).

    • Your religion justifies pedophilia and war. Fuck your jihad. Islam is what is causing widespread violence and chaos worldwide. No other religion is. If Islam teaches peace, why do so many kill for it?

    • Muslims are inbreeders, world statistics prove it, and medical science has long known this reduces IQ which increases the likelihood of being religious and easily led, check the link to show the INBREEDING in islamic countries you fool, muslims give islam a bad name!

      • The Pakistani community in the UK has extreme levels of inbreeding, there was a report on that several years back which enraged the Muzzies. The UK’s percentage is probably higher than what that site shows because of the massive Muslim influx

    • 20,000 + and growing terror attacks since 9/11 and you’re STILL on about how it’s ‘only a few’?? Nice Try…your taqiyya is weak-tea, at best. By the way, Husband I have lost 7 Friends to islam in the past year–converted, yeppers…into corpses. Never lost any other friends to any other religion. Kinda blows a huge effing hole in your argument, don’t it?

      • Sorry to hear about your friends 😦 I think some of these Muslims actually delude themselves into thinking it’s only a few who actually wage jihad – most support it in some form or another.

      • TY, very much. 🙂 It’s been a very unpleasant time, and I spend a LOT of time worrying about all my friends now. Frankly, I really don’t care what the retarded pox-carriers believe or think…sooner or later, you have to draw a Line, and I’ve drawn mine. I tried to stay reasonable-minded against an utterly UNreasonable ideology. I know how most (80%) of Zakat and Halal rekated monies go to the ‘poor’ aka: jihad, and related support. And they’re all aware of it–and they’re all complicit because of that. Knowingly aiding and abetting. I do not see or consider islam as a religion, or even a cult anymore–it is not either of those. It is a Totalitarian ideology like Pol Pot, Mao-tse Tung, and Kim Jong Il’s styles of Communism, mixed with Hitler and Mussolini’s Facism, and alloyed with a Cultist mentality. And that is the level I now approach it on. 😉 TY again for the Condolences! 🙂

    • EVERYONE islamic is a black sheep. Your people are inferior intellectually and physically to ALL other cultures. PISSlam needs to be erased from the earth.

  2. Go away Abd Al-Fatah. No one here cares what you have to say. Especially since you can’t even say it in English.

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