Your Daily Muslim: Fatima Ali

A dementor, as popularized by Harry Potter.

A dementor, as popularized by Harry Potter.

Most mothers describe the birth of a child as one of the happiest moments of their lives. However, for UK Muslim Fatima Ali, this simply wasn’t the case. She had been having a relationship outside of marriage, which is viewed as haram (forbidden) in Islam. Ali’s parents had given her a lot of flak for the relationship. She kept the child a secret from her parents, and was still living with her aunt and uncle by whom she was raised. Her boyfriend had given her money to have an abortion, but that’s also haram. So, Ali had the baby in secret.

But it didn’t stay secret for long. After giving birth to a healthy child, Ali cut the umbilical cord herself and left the baby in the room unattended to die. Having a baby born out of wedlock would bring great shame upon any devout Muslim, and would lead to them being excommunicated from the Islamic community. She took its corpse and buried it in a nearby garden. After disposing of the body, Ali went out with her parents later that evening. No mention of the infant was made.

The child’s body was found and was traced back to Ali. She was sentenced to 26 weeks in prison plus a year under supervision. The local Islamic community distanced itself both Ali and her family, considering both the death of the child and the haram relationship Ali had been in.

4 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Fatima Ali

  1. 26 weeks…..!!!!!!!

    That’ Bulltish…..


  2. Interesting that you put this in the category of honor killing. I seriously can’t believe her family didn’t kill her for this. A baby is not going to die after birth just because you leave it there. It will take it a while to die of starvation. (Unless of course it was born with some sort of medical condition.) I bet she actually smothered or strangled it. But seriously, 26 weeks??? How is that justice? What is worse than infanticide??

    • I put it under honor killing because she killed the child so her parents wouldn’t find out she had given birth. Though not a typical honor killing scenario by any stretch, some reports qualified it as one.

  3. How can any religion or people think it’s more honorable to kill a defenseless infant than have sex and get pregnant, or have an abortion? Or use birth control FFS! I am just clueless how you come to a moral decision like this – especially when you are religious, when in any country murder is more shameful than having a baby. I need answers because this happens frequently with these people who have these beliefs. And I don’t understand. Now the family is further shamed and they may very well kill the girl, or she may kill herself. What was accomplished by any of this? No one even got punished. Nothing, nada.

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