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Your Daily Muslim: Madina Aliyeva

madina alieva

Dagestan, a region of southern Russia located next to Chechnya, is a hotbed of Islamic violence. Numerous jihadi groups prowl the hills and rural areas, and Islamic fundamentalism is creeping into the cities as well. Madina Aliyeva married her first husband in 2009. He, like many other men from Dagestan, grew more militant over time, and he left her to wage jihad for 72 virgins. Apparently Aliyeva wasn’t very good in bed.

He was killed, as was her second husband whom she married in 2012, also a jihadi. The combined influence of both men led her to embark on a jihad mission as well. She traveled to some of her late husbands’ friends, seeking advice on how she could best serve her bloodthirsty god, Allah. They all told her to kill herself… and a bunch of infidels.

Looking forward to getting her everlasting reward of 72 male virgins, commonly known as a Magic: the Gathering tournament, Aliyeva strapped on a suicide vest and blew herself up outside an interior ministry building in Dagestan. One was killed and several others were injured in the blast. Posthumously, Aliyeva was dubbed a “black widow,” since she was a widow, a common term for women who wage jihad in southern Russia. Though she obviously wasn’t black, she got the name because another terrorist had already claimed the title of “white widow.”

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