Your Daily Muslim: Kelly Polat

Someone needs to remind her that sequins plus curtain does not equal outfit.

Someone needs to remind her that sequins plus curtain does not equal outfit.

Of all the things a kinda trampy-looking blonde woman could do for attention, converting to Islam is probably one of the few you would least expect. However, that’s exactly what British citizen Kelly Polat did.

“I did try to read [the Bible] but it shocked me with lots of violence and even hatred for women and daughters.” Now, the dumbo has read the Qur’an and somehow believes in it despite its obvious hatred of women, including passages which call for the capture of sex slaves, wife-beating, and viewing women as less than men. The Bible doesn’t have shit on the Qur’an in terms of promoting inhumane behavior. Considering the lack of reasoning and analysis she has shown thus far, Polat’s probably a liberal who thinks she’s being “progressive” or some other bullshit by converting. She clearly doesn’t realize she’s embarked on a one-way journey back to the 7th century. I can only imagine her ‘I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore’ moment when she’s accepting beatings from a Muslim man and blaming herself for it (Qur. 4:34.)

Kelly before her conversion

Kelly before her conversion

“Earlier I used to wear short dresses and now I cover myself and feel so much better,” Polat stated. She probably feels better because Islamic Nazgul costumes are baggy – they both conceal and afford room for mounds of cellulite. “I did not understand before why Muslim women cover themselves but now I understand and am following the right way as well…” Feeling the need to cover oneself comes from a feeling of shame or guilt, which Islam is rather adept at instilling, especially in women. The human body is beautiful and shouldn’t be hidden away to serve a vicious, oppressive imaginary friend.

“My family were afraid for me because of racist remarks and attacks but I have my faith and I knew I was ready to change my life and way of dress was a dramatic change and has shocked many of my family and friends, they think I have gone a little crazy but I hope they understand soon and also find the greatness and love of the one almighty Allah…” Yep, definitely a liberal, claiming anti-Islamic remarks are “racist.” Islam is a RELIGION, not a RACE! By the way, Kelly, your friends are right. You’ve gone crazy.

13 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Kelly Polat

  1. good riddance, they can have the skank

  2. not much of a loss to the intelligence collective .. but is a huge win for the loony camp

  3. Haha like that last comment

  4. Good riddance, whore.

  5. Who the f is Kelly Polat and why does her idiocy matter outside of the libtards that moronically retweet platitudes like hers ad nauseum?

    • I only posted about her to show the type of idiots who convert to Islam without even knowing what Islam is truly about. More serious shit is coming this weekend.

  6. I am so proud of kelly, not only has she changee her religion, she has found whats truly in her heart. she has ignored these spiteful and pathetic comments because they are not true. kelly has not broken ramadan, she has helped all her friends and family and she does all her daily prayers. the people that have posted that picture was taken in the past, now is the pressent and the future is to yet go come. you can talk about kelly through websites but if you saw her in the street you would probably smile at her. kelly has studied islam day in and day out, she knows truly about islam, she knows her past and has chosen to forget it, you obviously havent, trying to post a picture and saying hateful and untrutheful commentd isnt going to gain anything only just cry out jealously.

    • LOL you mad muzzie? She was way hotter in the past. And no self-respecting, thinking woman would EVER choose to become a Muslim. Also, if I saw her on the street, I would cross it to get away from her because she looks like she could “Blow” like that Ke$ha song.

    • “Enter by the narrow gate.But wide is the road and broad is the gate to Destruction and many go in to it. For narrow is the gate and Difficult the way to Life and Few find it “Matt 7:13-14…..The price for salvation is paid…..on the Cross.

  7. Its usually the nutters who usually convert to islam and the thinkers who convert out of it. Not meaning to brag of course. But if my co-religionists knew of my apostasy it would be Late Abdul Malik for you guys.

    • Props to you for leaving Islam. If you need legal support or protection, contact Pamela Geller – she runs the site atlasshrugs2000.typepad.com

  8. This is my partners ex wife we think this is so funny – think whoever wrote this is a genius!!

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