Your Daily Muslim: Fatima Omar Mahmoud al-Najjar

Jihad, retirement home style

Jihad, retirement home style

In general, the thought of a grandmother blowing something is horrifying. “Palestinian” Muslim Fatima Omar Mahmoud al-Najjar, “the grandmother martyr,” did exactly that – she blew herself up.

At age 72, al-Najjar realized her life wasn’t really going anywhere and she’d never get laid again. Being a Muslim, she realized it would be best for her to seek the Dungeons & Dragons tournament in the sky that all female suicide bombers get – where else would 72 dead male virgins be? (Other possibilities include Starcraft games, Magic: the Gathering tournaments, or Brony conventions.) To accomplish her goal, she got in contact with people from her mosque who were involved with the al-Qassam jihadi movement, who outfitted her with a suicide vest and an assault rifle. She had never been taught how to shoot the rifle, and probably thought it was some sort of bizarre sex toy.

“I introduce myself to the nation and to al-Aqsa [Mosque] hoping that Allah may accept this work from me.” For those liberals and apologists who claim Muslims assault infidels only for non-religious/political reasons, well, get a load of that. Many Muslims wage violence against infidels because it is commanded in the Qur’an – 8:12, 9:5, among others. al-Najjar did have some political motives, however misguided: “Our operations were a part of what the Zionists will face by the hands of the Palestinian men and women. al-Qassam Brigades will prepare the surprises which will destroy your state and will make Gaza a grave to your soldiers and your weak vehicles…” She went on to explain her devout faith, “I ask Allah to join us with martyrs and to get my sons and daughter into being in the mosque. I wish that my family will give sweets when hearing of my martyrdom…” Aren’t grandmas the ones who are supposed to give sweets to their grandchildren? Everything about Islam seems incredibly backward.

al-Najjar blew herself up near a group of Israeli soldiers, resulting in numerous casualties. After her suicide, a Hamas spokesman stated: “How exalted is the Palestinian woman when she takes leave of her sons as they go out to fight jihad for the sake of Allah. She mixes tears with cries of joy at one and the same time, to emphasize to the world that she is the only woman with true will and inflamed emotions. How magnificent is she when she joins the ranks of the resistance and easily surrenders her life for the sake of Allah, sacrificing herself for the martyrs, the prisoners, and the wounded.” Anyone who supports “Palestine” is supporting Fatima Omar Mahmoud al-Najjar and others like her; their mentality is deeply entrenched among “Palestinian” government officials.

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  1. What can I say, but……Sick….!!!!

  2. YDM,,,, Ur such a pervert!

  3. Wish they would blow all themselves up, maggotts.

  4. Good one less muslim

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