Your Daily Muslim: Nicole Lynn Mansfield

The Islamic ninja costume almost conceals her double chin.

The Islamic ninja costume almost conceals her double chin.

Like many liberals before her, Michigan resident Nicole Lynn Mansfield converted to Islam when she married a Muslim man. However, unlike most liberals who just do it for the attention, Mansfield went all the way, adopting the Islamic ninja costume and traveling to Syria to wage jihad. She didn’t make it back.

Liberals and other apologists for Islam claim that jihad entails an inner struggle, that it has nothing to do with holy war. Somehow this American convert, like thousands of other converts worldwide, got the wrong idea… unless, of course, the liberals are wrong. Mansfield, likely through her husband, had gotten involved with al Qaeda-linked jihadis, and thus she made the decision to fly to Syria to begin her jihad.

She didn’t last long, likely due to her above-average girth making her a large target. She was shot dead by members of president Bashar al-Assad’s forces, along with two al Qaeda-linked militants from the UK who were accompanying her. Mansfield is the first American casualty in the Syrian civil war.

8 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Nicole Lynn Mansfield

  1. Shot dead….??

    Good riddance.


    • Ozgreat, you are right, shot dead, good riddance! Converting to that evil ideology called Islam is worse then doing the dance with the devil!!!! What a stupid woman, she could of become any other faith, but NOT Muslim! Jesus, has she no brains or what? She too going to that “Paradise” with all those, wait for it; 72 virgin, virile men, is it? By the way I live all the way in New Zealand.

  2. What a pussy, bit of detol and a bandaid fix it right up…..

  3. Good for her! At least she got shot as a martyr and did not die in vain for the love of her life, a bearded hairy stink Muslim. Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar!

    • I find it hard to sympathise with these converts. They seem to go full-pelt towards self destruction. A waste of life and a loss that didn’t matter to anyone but her family.

      When will these women learn to not forge dangerous relationships with fanatical Muslim men?

  4. LMFAO! suck shit u fat bitch

  5. Why don’t more go over there & get killed?

  6. If muslims are Sooo sure they are going to paradise why do they complain about western countries shooting them?

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