Your Daily Muslim: Shafieka Hendricks

Shafieka Hendricks and her boyfriend Naeem

Shafieka Hendricks and her boyfriend Naeem

Shafieka “Hambeast” Hendricks is a Muslim from South Africa who never intellectually progressed past the second grade. When she stumbled upon Allah Sucks on Facebook, Hendricks proceeded to flip shit and do what a high percentage of Muslims do: issue death threats.


Yep, religion of peace right there. It totally doesn’t call for death to the unbelievers anywhere in its holy texts. Hendricks’ rage also involved claiming that Allah would punish the admins of Allah Sucks she was arguing with (myself not included, as I wasn’t online at that hour.)


Hendricks also has a son, possibly conceived out of wedlock. Considering that she and her boyfriend are fairly devout Muslims, it is surprising that the couple didn’t kill the baby to preserve their “honor.” The boy is likely to flunk out of special ed, considering who his parents are.

9 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Shafieka Hendricks

  1. We can’t rid the world of this cancer known as Islam fast enough. Its going to suck the whole world into war and devastation if we don’t. I spit in Mohammad’s face and hit him with a shoe wrapped in bacon.

  2. It’s amazing how well the ghetto/hip hop culture and muslims fit so well together. It’s almost as if they were made for one another. Both seem to embrace ignorance, unintelligible slang, threats, violence, total intolerance to criticism, a consistent victims mentality, and although at times they preach love and peace…the very next minute, they’re talking about murder and death over the most innocuous statements. You can tell just by looking at her picture and her words, that’s she just an ignorant and uneducated little slut…..another burden on the taxpayer who will end up paying for the burden of raising her six fatherless equally ignorant and useless little rats. You can count on the majority of them ending up in jail before they hit their twenties.

  3. I’m 101% sure that u readers r blatant fools…u got no personal judgement…great wonder y u even hv brains in the 1st place??! Seriously……. I can’t blv that u actually judge an entire religion based on what this stupid blogger writes…In fact, most of his stories r totally twisted! BTW, Think about it … Y is Islam the fastest growing religion worldwide (and yea, even in the West) ??? *Dont tell me that the billions who r reverting everyday r all dumb n ignorant* …. Seriously ppl,,, USE UR BRAINS, GEEZ!!!

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    • Yes, she is. Why would she talk about Allah killing people if she weren’t?

      • U cnt get d beta of athng thru insults n dnt b dt poor in judgement.use common sense n u nid nt to tok out of ignorance n ur hate speech wil nt mk “john”or “ram” to convert to ISLAM d most true n beautiful religion on d face of d earth

      • Based on your typography, you are several degrees of inbred and retarded.

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