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Your Daily Muslim: Muhammad al-Saghir

“Take my heart, which has become as hard as steel, and use it to stone all the Jews.”

Egyptian parliamentarian Sheikh Muhammad al-Saghir is yet another anti-Semitic Islamist with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. Unlike many others, however, al-Saghir has a little secret which he unintentionally divulged through a series of double entendres when giving a speech during a visit to Gaza.

Apparently al-Saghir hates himself and wants to be savagely murdered or something. Aside from the earlier heart quote, he also stated: “Take my eyes. Perhaps a handsome boy who has become blind can use them to see again.” Umm, “handsome boy”? That phrase is a bit telling, is it not? It gets even more disturbing: “Take my skin. Turn it into a fuse or a slingshot for a child…” He wants children to touch and pull on his skin. Based on those quotes, it’s safe to say al-Saghir is a Michael Jackson-level gay pedophile.

“It is America that plunged a poisonous dagger of hatred into the heart of the Arab and Islamic nation. America holds the remote control, and commands the movements of its apes, its pigs, and its juvenile thugs on the frontier land of glory.” Oh look, that “apes and pigs” crap from the Qur’an again. The original verse is used to describe Jews, but many Islamists extend it to Jews’ associates and allies as well. As for juvenile thugs, one look at this blog should be evidence enough that Muslims have got thuggery down to a science.

Let’s not forget al-Saghir is gay. Seeking an excuse to kiss a dude and get away with it, he claims his Facebook followers asked him to kiss the heads of Palestinians who were serving as martyrs (read: suicide bombers.) Since no jihadis were immediately available on the stage where he was giving the speech, instead al-Saghir kissed influential Hamas minister Ismail Haniya, then the two shared a loving, tender Brokeback moment on stage.

One comment on “Your Daily Muslim: Muhammad al-Saghir

  1. First of all, I will tell you that I am virulently anti muslim.
    You sometimes post amusing and erudite things, but in the case of this muslim idiot in the photo, your imagination is running away with you.
    You need to get out more.

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