Your Daily Muslim: Abu Muwahhid (Part 3)

He's too stupid to realize that he should sit on his picnic blanket, not wear it.

He’s too stupid to realize that he should sit on his picnic blanket, not wear it.

“We want Islam and the law of Allah, not the law of the jungle. We want sharia, which was revealed by Allah, not democracy, secularism or nationalism.”

It seems the UK’s jihad epidemic only continues to grow. Two-time YDM featuree Abu Muwahhid (part 1, part 2), real name Shah Jalal Hussain, an activist preacher best known for being a sexist douchebag, has just been arrested for disseminating terror publications.

Of course, immediately following the arrest, tons of Muwahhideous’ fellow Muslims flocked to Twitter and started the hashtag #FreeAbuMuwahhid. These people have no idea of his guilt or innocence, but still state he should be free simply because he is their Muslim “brother.” They claim the arrest is part of an ongoing campaign by westerners to persecute Muslims, but in reality, it’s the opposite that’s happening, especially in the UK. Just look at the last paragraph of yesterday’s post for proof of that.

News reports have yet to reveal the contents of these publications, but shortly before his arrest, Muwahhid spoke favorably of Abu Nusaybah, an Islamist arrested in connection with the Woolwich beheading. It is unknown if Muwahhid’s connection to Nusaybah was the cause for his arrest.

Turns out this isn’t Muwahhid’s first run-in with the law for terror-related offenses. In 2007, he and Nusaybah, along with several others, stood trial for funding and supporting terrorism in Iraq. He admitted his involvement with Anjem Choudary’s now-banned Islamist group al-Muhajiroun. Muwahhid and Nusaybah served time in prison together for their crimes.

Of course, it wouldn’t be an Abu Muwahhid post without some ridiculously sexist quotes of his. “Women used to run and hide whenever they heard the voice of Umar Ibn al-Khattab (may Allah be pleased with him), out of fear and respect, because he was strict and didn’t free-mix.” A dude who doesn’t associate with women isn’t strict, he’s gay. Duh. Only an idiot wouldn’t realize that.

Muwahhid states that Allah “honored” women by forcing them to wear a ridiculous ninja costume. He claims that Allah made women a temptation for men, and that is why women must cover themselves, so men do not surrender to the fitna (temptation). He continues, claiming that without sharia law, rape and pedophilia will be widespread. However, unlike western law, sharia allows for child marriage like that of Muhammad (pigs be upon him) and Aisha, and a woman must provide four devout male Muslim witnesses to prove rape, or else she will be tried for adultery. He claims that allowing people freedom and the ability to pursue their own desires will lead to rampant corruption and societal breakdown. Muwahhid’s full of shit when he says that sharia would alleviate any social ills.

Muwahhid also shared this quote from Islamic author Ibn Taymiyyah: “Islam means to submit to Allah exclusively, obey his commands submissively, and disassociate oneself from shirk (disbelief) and its people.” Yep, definitely a religion that’s completely compatible with western society. Definitely going to integrate really well into our culture.

8 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Abu Muwahhid (Part 3)

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  2. You can call Abu Muwahhid what ever you want, that’s between you and him and Allah will surely Help the Truth. But that “pigs be upon” of a word is nothing but BLASPHEMY and calling SAYYIDINA UMAR a dirty name like that is gonna bring nothing but an endless misUnderstanding between Muslims and you.
    Though I know you not getting what am saying because your Brain was already blocked, You dumbHead…… And mark my word YOU WILL ROAST IN HELL insha Allah.
    And you will pay for the insults right here in this world before facing the eternal

    • “You dumbhead”? What are you, in kindergarten? Well, you clearly haven’t mentally progressed past that point, but seriously now. Think of some actual insults.

      • Yeah! I know you are very good in correcting insults,, I aint good in that….. My religion dis-allows it…
        Keep your shits cause I am not gonna check on your reply! Goodbye!!! La’anatullah Alaika

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  4. This article could not be more disrespectful nor ignorant. You clearly lack understanding of the religion. The only person you’ve humiliated by writing this article is yourself. May god guide you!

    • I understand the religion quite well, hence why I run this site. Now go be a good Muslimah and bend over to take Allah’s love inside you. Ohhhhhh yeah.

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