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Your Daily Muslim: Rayed Abdullah Salem al-Harbi (DAILY DOUBLE!)

Rayed Abdullah Salem al-Harbi

Rayed Abdullah Salem al-Harbi

Despite their rampant homophobia, Islamic countries have started to go softer on crossdressers after the case of Saudi Muslim Rayed Abdullah Salem al-Harbi. Tired of keeping his inner diva a secret, al-Harbi and one of his mujahideen (jihadi) friends decided to get into full drag and wage jihad. Of course, their drag outfits included explosive vests and belts underneath their burqas.

The pair were going into Yemen to kill a bunch of people, but never made it in. They were stopped at a checkpoint by security forces. When a female officer went to search underneath the glorified curtains they were wearing, they pulled out guns and started shooting. Both suicide shemales were killed in the shootout, along with two security personnel.

If there’s ever been a supreme argument for the banning of Islam’s ridiculous ninja costume, there you have it. Well, aside from the fact that it’s often forced upon women and that it leads to rickets, which is caused by a lack of sunlight. It’s time to take a stand against oppressive fashion.

One comment on “Your Daily Muslim: Rayed Abdullah Salem al-Harbi (DAILY DOUBLE!)

  1. […] because they know they’ll get beaten if they don’t. Some crossdressers also wear it to sneak suicide bombs through security […]

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