Your Daily Muslim: Lafleur Mauvette Mohamed

Lafleur Mauvette Mohamed

Lafleur Mauvette Mohamed

The Islamic ninja costume is good at hiding a lot of things – weapons, one’s identity, and one’s girth. The case of Florida Muslim Lafleur Mauvette Mohamed is yet another reason why we need to ban the ridiculous outfits and force Muslim women to show their faces in public, regardless of how hideous they are.

Like many other Islamic parents, Mohamed was allegedly abusive. According to reports, she got into a fight with her teenage daughter over control of her daughter’s cellphone, and the two briefly duked it out until Mohamed used her ninja skills and hit the girl. Police were called, and Mohamed was arrested. Then the real drama began.

Mohamed was taken to the police station to be booked. Since she was wearing the niqab, which conceals her face, a mugshot became difficult when she brought up her “civil rights” as a Muslim. Afraid of a lawsuit, the police went along, taking a picture of her with her face fully concealed. She thought she had gotten away with not having her hideous visage exposed to the world, but that was not the case – a legal authority instructed the police to retake the picture with Mohamed’s face visible, citing a public interest in identifying offenders. However, seeing her face on the news isn’t really gonna help if she covers it up whenever she’s in public.

Here’s the second mugshot. That is one mad Muslim.

lafleur mauvette mohamed 1

10 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Lafleur Mauvette Mohamed

  1. I still maintain, that whoever is ‘invited’ to our Country..(Australia), adopts the Australian way of life…

    In the case of “illegals”…that is another subject….but I would expect, as their country of origin would expect, that we also adopt to their ways…….

    Heaven forbid if my Girlfriend/Wife walked around the streets of the proximity to ‘Mecca’ wearing just board shorts, thongs and very short shirts for my wife/girlfriend….tee shirt tops.

    I would respect that country’s laws….

    Then why cannot these people respect our laws and customs…?

    The same as I respect the dignity of our Legal Courts….I have been on Jury service 4 times in my 60 odd years and never worn jeans etc…..It is all about respect….not confronting conformation…I may be wrong in grammar there…hahaha.

    When a person who is a rider of a motor cycle enters a Bank or petrol/convenience store they are required by law to remove their helmet….then why cannot they….

    A lot of people do not understand that the cost we have to burden because of this….just one example…when a woman/man…?….wearing that type of outfit enters our Country we have to have a ‘female’ immigration official to take them to a separate room so as they can lift their costume in order to verify their identity….I do not for an instance say that the female immigration officer of that religion should not be employed but it just seems to me that we, like a lot of other countries are being forced by our Governments to pay homage to immigrants that refuse to conform to our ways…..

    By all means, you can pray, kneel, blow yourself up in the name of whoever you like…….but please………………………………….Don’t ram it down my throat….okay….?

    • …why are there not more protests against this blatant waste of taxpayer dollars, to hire more employees and retain legal counsel for dealing with so-called “religious freedom” issues? We should take a stand and force everyone, regardless of culture, to abide by the same, secular laws.

  2. I forgot to say……..’pray, kneel, blow yourself up, in the name of whoever you like’………………………………………………….”But do that in your Country….or some country a long way from Australia….a very, very long way….

  3. Should have left it on..!!?

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  6. She looked better with the garbage bag on. No wonder she insisted on wearing it

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