Your Daily Muslim: Abd al-Qader al-Sibai



Egyptian Islamic cleric Abd al-Qader al-Sibai is several bricks short of a house. Despite the fact that Islam is rooted in Abrahamic tradition, the bumbling old idiot claims that “the Christian faith is entirely different from Islam.” Of course, its practices are very different, namely the lack of jihad, honor killing, and wife-beating, but the religions’ roots are the same. To think that a person with such views sees themselves an expert on matters of religion is truly dumbfounding.

“They [Christians] curse our god, and I am supposed to greet them and wish them a good year so they can curse our god some more?!” Christians aren’t calling for the destruction of all mosques in Saudi Arabia, unlike how Muslims have demanded the demolition of all churches. al-Sibai is saying this because of the commands in the Qur’an for Muslims to not take infidels as friends or associates, and is using anti-Christian rhetoric to attempt to justify the form of apartheid that is Islamic sharia law.

“According to the sharia of Islam, it is prohibited to greet our Coptic brothers – I mean ‘brothers’ in the national sense – on the occasion of their false holidays.” Muslims won’t accept other religions’ holidays, yet they’ve started demanding exceptions be made for their holidays here in the west. How typical of the parasitic hypocrites. Wish a Muslim Merry Christmas – because Santa Claus is more real than Allah ever will be.

2 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Abd al-Qader al-Sibai

  1. Haha,

    ‘Santa Claus,,, Santa Claus’ do not dismay,
    I am here, and here to stay,
    These other bastards are trying you to divert,
    Just fly over, as all are pervert,

    Sry…..could not think of more to write…I’m sure with help a few more lines can be written….Oz

  2. Like all muslim infidels, better off dead.

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