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Your Daily Muslim: Khamis Mejri

Khamis Mejri probably rode the short bus to school as a child.

Khamis Mejri probably rode the short bus to school as a child.

“The west was established only on the civilization of Islam.”

Tunisian cleric Khamis Mejri is clearly off his rocker. Despite all sorts of evidence to the contrary, he claims Islam was the foundation for the west, and that Islamic society had accomplished a great deal. Now, I’m not denying that ancient Middle Eastern civilizations had numerous inventions; they obviously did. However, many of those discoveries came before the spread of Islam and Muslims have tried to take credit for them, since there are few inventions that were directly brought about by Islam and one is the use of camel urine as medicine. That’s almost as dumb of an idea as getting 72 virgins after you die.

“We are permitted to use all these material means – medicines, electronic devices, airplanes, and so on. The Muslims adopted many things from the Greek and Persian civilizations, and used them in their daily lives. These are good things that Allah has instructed us to use. Occupation and colonialism, on the other hand, pertain to ideology. Anybody who claims that the solution is not Islam has surrendered to ideological occupation and colonialism. I live in the West, yet I profess that Islam is the solution.” Basically, he’s saying that Muslims are entitled to all the good stuff that our infidel culture is responsible for, but they shouldn’t have to be a part of the culture to enjoy its fruits. Again, the willing separatist mentality of Islam shows through, just like the verses in the Qur’an that command Muslims not to take infidels as friends or associates. Oh, and by the way, Islam is only a solution if you’re looking for an excuse to kill yourself.

“When someone is fighting for his country – this is not accepted by Allah.” This is because in Islam, the world is divided into two “houses” – Dar al-Islam, the house of Islam or the Islamic state, and Dar al-Harb, the house of war or non-Muslim lands. It’s definitely a religion of peace when it so blatantly classifies all infidels as being its enemies. “Some people say that there is no such thing as a time for prayer. They renounce prayer. These people should be killed as infidels.” Mejri then tried to retract his statement, saying it was some other imam’s ruling, but it’s clear he shares this opinion.

“Sheikh [Osama] Bin Laden, Allah’s mercy upon him, carried out an honorable act of jihad.” Remember, Mejri lives in the west and yet still holds these crazy jihadi views. Considering how frequently these crazies pop up, shouldn’t we all be a little more suspicious of the Muslims down the street?

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