Your Daily Muslim: Mahmoud al-Hajj

Mahmoud al-Hajj

Mahmoud al-Hajj

Mahmoud al-Hajj, a professor of Islamic faith studies at the Jordanian University, has probably been through more wives than the average celebrity – there’s no possible way any of his relationships could either last or end well. He’s a sexist douche who stresses the woman’s role in the household is to be supple and submissive to her husband. “A car cannot be driven by two people – only by one. Islam placed the steering wheel of the family in the hands of the husband.” If you don’t want to smack him yet, trust me, you will by the end of this post.

Now, for those liberals out there who read this and think that the Qur’an is no different than the Bible and that Islam respects women, this next part is going to be a bit of a shock. al-Hajj stated: “Problems within the family are dealt with in the Qur’anic verse regarding relationships: ‘Men are the guardians of women.'” Women don’t need protecting, they can protect themselves! It’s called gender equality, a concept seventh-century troglodytes like al-Hajj fail to grasp due to their extreme obsession with a child-porn fairytale called the Qur’an. Speaking of the Qur’an, al-Hajj took pride in explaining Qur. 4:34, a verse for which Islam should be openly ridiculed: “Allah says: ‘As for those from whom you fear disobedience, admonish them, do not share their bed, and beat them.'”

Yep, the Qur’an calls upon husbands to beat their wives – and al-Hajj loves every word of it. Of course, like all forms of misogynistic bullshit, the Qur’an only authorizes men to hit their wives, not the other way around. al-Hajj explains: “I think it would be immoral to go so far as to say that a wife may punish her husband by beating him, because this would be undermining the authority of the husband. Islam has spared the wife the need to use her hands to beat, in order to preserve her femininity, her honor, and her moral values.” So men aren’t required to preserve their moral values or honor and can smack their wives around? Seriously? Folks, this is the true Islam: barbaric and sexist to the core. If a man were hitting a woman, I’d hope the woman would disregard her religion and culture for just a bit and crush his sack. Hmm, that sounds like a fitting fate for al-Hajj.

2 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Mahmoud al-Hajj

  1. The question is …… do they have a sack to crush don’t sound like it to me 😉

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