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Your Daily Muslim: Anas el Abboubi

Despite living near Milan, Anas el Abboubi's grooming and fashion sense were clearly uninfluenced by the city's culture.

Despite living near Milan, Anas el Abboubi’s grooming and fashion sense were clearly uninfluenced by the city’s culture.

Anus el Aboobies is the latest in a long line of north African Muslims to immigrate to Europe, then attempt to wage jihad there. Hailing from Morocco, el Aboobies moved to the city of Brescia in Italy, near Milan. While there, he rose within an Islamist organization known as Sharia4, and set up an Italian chapter. He was arrested after officials intercepted communications in which he praised the Woolwich jihad beheading.

“There can be no peace with us.” el Aboobies claims he is ready to “die for Allah” – according to authorities, he had been scouting out a train station and a barracks for a bombing plot, likely with the assistance of his Sharia4 pals. When questioned by police, he claimed he and his followers were “united by a common hatred of Jews and a desire to fight against western countries.” There’s the “proud history of tolerance” Barack Hussein Obama claims Islam has. The Qur’an is filled to the brim with anti-Semitic bile, and calls for violence against all infidels but particularly Jews, and we see this hatred become manifest through the jihad of Muslims worldwide.

In addition to numerous references to jihad in Syria, the police investigation discovered el Aboobies had been translating and disseminating materials on how to train for jihad and the construction of explosives. It is unknown how he would have carried out the bombing(s), but it’s quite possible, considering his name, that he would have tried to put them inside himself like the al-Asiri brothers.

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