Your Daily Muslim: Mustafa Pilotzada

He probably ate his suicide vest.

He probably ate his suicide vest.

Some people really need to get off the computer and get their ass in the gym. Afghan Muslim Mustafa Pilotzada is definitely one of those people. Instead of taking care of his body and mind, he spends his time sending hate mail to Jews on Facebook and reading the Qur’an, a book proven to cause savage behavior and psychological regression.

“F**k Jews.” That was the Facebook message a Jewish YDM supporter and counterjihad activist received out of the blue from Pilotzada one day. When the recipient replied, Pilotzada did a typical Muslim move and blocked her, being too cowardly to engage in rational or civilized debate. Plus, the fatass was probably too busy stuffing his face to possibly focus on formulating a response. His Facebook cover photo is of an attractive woman a man of his appearance would never be able to get with. In addition to his delusions of an invisible psychopath in the sky named Allah, he’s delusional about his dating prospects as well. What a classy fellow.

Anti-Semitism is in the Qur’an and is preached in many mosques worldwide, and yet all we hear from liberals are cries of “Islamophobia” when Jews or their supporters defend themselves from the constant berating they receive from rabid Muslims. There’s no excuse for Muslims’ behavior toward the Jewish people – Israel is surrounded by countries that hate it, yet Muslims won’t rest until it is eliminated. Savages.

Pilotzada is either oblivious in a Tobias Funke-ish manner, or he’s asking to be stoned to death – he lists himself as being interested in men and women on Facebook. To us, that’s a rather obvious declaration of bisexuality, but perhaps he thinks he’s saying he’s open to meeting both men and women. Still, he’s probably bisexual in some form or another – considering the amount of kinky stuff in the Qur’an, it really isn’t surprising that Islamic countries are the world’s #1 audience for bizarre fetish porn. Yep, Muslims like that stuff even more than Germans.

Here’s Pilotzada’s Facebook – let’s return the favor of sending messages, shall we?

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2 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Mustafa Pilotzada

  1. May the Lord have mercy on your soul….
    In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.


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