Your Daily Muslim: Hind Ahmas

Hind Ahmas... or not. You can't tell at all who's behind that veil.

Hind Ahmas… or not. You can’t tell at all who’s behind that veil.

French Muslim Hind Ahmas is oppressed, but unlike most oppressed women, she’s damn proud of it. The French are very proud of their culture, mimes, snail-eating, and all, and have banned the niqab and burqa since they fully cover the face of the wearer. Ahmas was more afraid of her ex-husband beating her for not wearing drapery in public than she was of being sentenced to jail time.

Ahmas was arrested. The judge sentenced her to either take classes on her civic duties or go to jail. Like most Muslims in the west who don’t give a flying f**k about their new home countries and don’t want to integrate, Ahmas opted to take her chances instead of being a good citizen. She refused to remove the ridiculous outfit for her court dates, and thus was not allowed in the building – it’s very easy for a Muslim to hide a bomb under the baggy niqab or burqa. She claimed, “the judge needs citizenship lessons, not me.”

Ahmas’ case has generated all sorts of responses. Most French people agree with the ruling, but many Muslims have launched activism groups to overturn the court’s decision and repeal the law. Ahmas is facing up to 2 years in prison and a 27,000-euro fine.

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8 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Hind Ahmas

  1. let her return to her cave wherever it is.

  2. Can’t run with the West, don’t come here. Simple.

  3. Why not eff off back to shitholestan or wherever you came from then.

  4. I hope the “powers that be” in France stick to their guns and give her at least 2 years in goal. Where she is daily PUBLICALLY strip searched! Though my guess is secretly she will enjoy that!

  5. Filthy disgusting racism. The tone and content of this website and the comments it has attracted make me thoroughly ashamed to be a European.

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