Your Daily Muslim: Omar Abdelbadie

Why does Seattle attract so many misbehaving Muslims?

Why does Seattle attract so many poorly-behaved Muslims?

Egyptian-born Muslim Omar Abdelbadie was a senior neurobiology student at the University of Washington, which is located in Seattle, the secondary hippie capitol of the US. Despite his education, Abdelbadie still clung to baseless delusions from a grisly 7th-century fairytale called the Qur’an. However, Abdelbadie’s life took a profound turn, and he sure won’t be graduating and going to med school any time soon.

In early June, Abdelbadie was walking along “the Ave,” a road which is apparently really sketchy and gross, next to the University. On the Ave, something caught his eye – a female who, according to his description, was “dressed provocatively.” Many Muslims believe that women who dress provocatively are asking for rape, and I’m guessing Abdelbadie is no exception based on what happened next. Being a Seattleite, Abdelbadie had plenty of marijuana stored away (many Seattleites are rumored to eat marijuana instead of food), and offered the drug to the girl if she went back to his place with him. She accepted. After using a drug that is forbidden in Islam, he did something that Islam is totally OK with – molest a minor (Muhammad, pigs be upon him, did it to a 9-year-old he “married.”) As it turns out, the girl was 12 and told him her age, but he still took advantage of her.

In his spare time, when he isn’t taking advantage of girls, Abdelbadie volunteered at CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations), a Hamas-linked group. I’m guessing Abdelbadie thought it was the Council on American-Islamic Underage Sexual Relations, but again, that’s just a guess. CAIR is the organization you see peddling “Islamophobia” crap in the mainstream media, and they’re trying to make the Islamic ninja costume cool for women to wear. In other words, completely not cool.

Abdelbadie was arrested and has been charged. He is currently out on bail since he’s rich and hails from Bellevue, Seattle’s sister metropolis, except it’s full of rich people instead of filthy hippies.

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12 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Omar Abdelbadie

  1. 12 Years of age……!!!!!!!

    Hang the Pig…..!!!

  2. SDo does he rape girls at beach’s, swimming pools or lakes because the are in skimpy bikini’s??? He is a rapist with an ignorant excuse. You know what excuses are like? A-HOLES… Everybody has one. He is a PEDOPHILE

  3. I entered my message, but I think it deleted due to my age…..don’t know all this new technology.

    Anyway…..this prick should be in prison with hardened criminals….and these hardened criminals really hate guys that treat young children badly…..In fact, the guy will either love being subject to daily rape, or hate it so much that he suicides…frankly, I would rather he is subjected to the former…….every day of his sentence………burn in hell you monster…….Oz

    • Hopefully they give him a tattoo of her name across his forehead like some prisoners recently did to another child molester… that would be a fitting punishment. Either that or a tattoo of a pig.

  4. I live in Seattle and you’re spot on.

  5. May a thousand mosquitos enter his anus.

    • Haha…..I like that….no, I don’t like that to me…!!!….I like that to happen to the prick that is evident of the curse of “extreme islam”….throw some bacon on the barbie……..Though I have met a lot of very nice ‘Muslims’ who try and detach themselves from the extreme…..And they too are very worried of what is happening, and what may happen….

  6. […] a former student at the University of Washington (which was also attended by the menace Omar Abdelbadie), asked for gender-segregated swimming times at the public pool in Tukwila, WA, a suburb of […]

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