Your Daily Muslim: Wagdi el Arabi

Wagdi el Arabi

Wagdi el Arabi

Egyptian actor/director Wagdi el Arabi is really old, and is probably a relic of the 7th century in more ways than one. Currently, he’s directing a new shitcom called “Coffee Shop,” which features an all-male cast and crew due to the gender-mixing restrictions of Islamic sharia law. It’s unknown whether or not the show is actually secretly a gay porno.

el Arabi joined the show because he agreed with its backward seventh-century principles. The premise of the show centers around two friends, one of whom is a Quranderthal and the other strives to live a modern lifestyle. The show portrays the primitive as the good guy and the sensible one as an idiot. The show’s creator claims that his goal was to make a show that didn’t rely on naked (read: uncovered) women to attract viewers. However, I highly doubt there’s much of an audience for watching two dudes talk about the 7th century in a coffee shop. That’d put me to sleep faster than C-Span.

el Arabi is also a member of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Party for Freedom and Justice, another Islamist political organization. Based on this and where he’s now employed, it’s reasonable to assume he has tons of anti-Western views, only one of which he spoke out about when interviewed: “In Europe, parliaments agree that boys can marry boys. But that is haram (forbidden.)” The name of the Party for Freedom and Justice is misleading, however – there is no freedom in Islam (especially for women, non-Muslims, and gays), and there is no justice either – just ask a rape victim who is sentenced to death for adultery, or someone whose hand is chopped off for stealing a pack of gum.

2 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Wagdi el Arabi

  1. Sexist pigs!!,,,

  2. The Muslim Brotherhood is a ‘front’ for terrorist activities…..it supplies funds for those very activities that we in the Free World are appalled at.

    And the current US President…”Capital letters used because I respect the Office, not this man however”, also supports this Organisation…….If our ideals of a free and Democratic World are to be achieved then Organisations, such as these…..AND, the individuals, whatever Office they hold that support them, should be eliminated.

    Otherwise everything my Family who fought in Gallipoli, Somme France, Rabaul, New Guinea, Tobruk, Sicily, Crete, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan was/is just a waste of lives and heartbreak for those left without their loved ones.

    I am living in this great Country for for over 60 years, embracing many cultures that truly make Australia a great Nation. But recently, with Illegals….Sorry, I do not oppose the right of an individual to request asylum, but to do so ahead of others that have gone through the correct checks and balances, and rather arrive by Boat, with a direct line to our Coast Guard in order to “save” them is really beyond the ‘pale’.

    And then to see the “benefits” these people receive….much…..much….more than a Viet Vet, or Pensioner receives is really, really criminal. I paid my taxes for 40 odd years, my pension is nothing in comparison.

    And to make the matters worse, the the extremists of the many, that ‘demand’ our Flag not be flown, that ‘demand’ our Children not enjoy the creativity of the ‘Nativity’ at Christmas, that ‘demand’ that they wear clothes that hide the person when rules allow them whilst not allowing a bike rider to enter a convenience store wearing a helmet. These are shoved down our throats without a ‘whimper’ from the Government.

    And that very religion, in it’s book, states that any opponent of that be killed…..???
    My Religious Faith does no that, it embraces all mankind, irrespective of religion or race….or in fact if a person holds no religion.

    At the moment I just have my grown Children…….Frankly, I am scared for them with this push and I would be more scared had I had Grandchildren.

    I am not ‘grandstanding’…..this is happening my friends, and in the highest echelons of Government, hidden by the need to be “Politically Correct”…….

    Be scared, ……….Be very scared.


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